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What a holiday and to come home slimmer seems like a miracle! I have been to Thailand with my sister, really to visit my son who lives there but obviously we took a two-week holiday at the same time.

Never having been to South East Asia before, the whole experience was magical and so different from our lives in the West. But all in all, it was the people, their way of life and the food that has made the most lasting impression on me.

We stayed in a fishing village on one of the less popular (with tourists) islands in the Gulf of Thailand and we ate as much of the local food as possible. Though breakfast was a western staple of local home-made yoghurt ( by a Swedish ex-pat) and tropical fruits, we added cinnamon and ground cardamom which gave it a very special edge.

Lunch on most days was at a beach Café and our choice was usually a Thai soup; the base being coconut or a spicy stock with vegetables and if needed some rice to soak up the juice and the heat!  Supper  gave us more choice and could be a stir fry, a rice dish or another soup based meal, served with rice or noodle and vegetables. The protein element was a choice of tofu, chicken or pork and of course seafood which was plentiful and delicious but all in very small quantities. One night we did go mad and had huge tiger prawns, the size of small lobsters and the most delicate squid…quite amazing.

Well as mentioned I lost weight……OK I didn’t go much for the rice but I ate well and certainly was not hungry, the main difference seems to be no bread or wheat based foods. The heat can put you off comfort food of course so I am aware that circumstances were different but I am intending to keep up this good work. So this morning I made my first batch of home-made yoghurt and I started a stock pot a few days ago.  My Mother’s stock pot (most homes had them when I was a child) was full of meat bones and washed vegetable peelings but as I eat very little meat, mine is based on a dollop of miso, a stick of lemon grass, the peelings from a root of ginger after using the flesh in a meal, a clove or two of garlic and stuff from the fridge, at this time celery and carrots plus whatever is still growing in my garden  As long as you boil this stock every day for about ten minutes,  you can add and take from it for ages.

My stir fry’s are lubricated with this stock, my soups are based on this stock and I am pleased how reminiscent it is of the food we had on holiday.  My whole body feels  lighter and it’s not just the fat loss, which continues, but the freshness of the food.  If  you can’t grow and pick your own, then get the best you can and have a go.

In a nutshell; real yoghurt and fruit in season, vegetables in any way for both meals augmented with the protein of your choice but in much smaller amounts then you maybe used to. The big trick seems to be no wheat…… Works for me!

Smile – happiness is catching...Diane Holliday