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Stress is the one of biggest causes of illness and workplace absenteeism at this time. Living is stressful, then we add people, work and money (or lack of it) and the pressure increases.

I know that most people find stress is not easy to deal with, whilst others seem to thrive on it. Mostly it seems to depend on how we cope with the stuff that goes on around us all the time. Not everything we do is stressful but once in a state of stress, the feelings cling onto everything.

Many years ago I thought that I loved the pressure at work, then one day I realised that my coping mechanisms had failed. I was smoking and drinking too much, working long hours and even though I thought I was enjoying it, this way of life just had to stop.

Now, over thirty years on I am pleased that I recognised the symptoms of ‘burn out’ before I suffered any illness.

Many of my clients come to me with stress and stress related issues, though it takes some of them time to realise where and why their lives are going wrong and where stress fits in.

We are emotional beings and having multitudes of stressful issues hold the emotions in our bodies. We have thoughts such as “I feel sick to my stomach”, “I feel like I am carrying the world on my shoulders”, “My mind is in a whirl” just emphasising how our thoughts can create illness and pain in our physical body.

So many people have work related stress that it’s almost an epidemic and you may be working and/or living with people going through just what you are, so find some space, and make time to reflect on your life so far, before you go any further.

There is a longer article on my website…reading it may help you understand what you can do about it, also how using EFT can help to reduce, and in some cases eliminate stress of all kinds.

If in doubt just contact me so we can talk…

Diane – life is good!