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Do you find yourself repeating habits that you know are not helping you? I am sure you do, as we all do at times.

It’s like saying that can’t stop smoking when you can. No one makes you smoke, it’s only that the habit is so engrained that the body craves for the substance, and you feel powerless to stop.

No one is forced to eat chocolate, sugar or alcohol, but it’s nice, so we do. When it gets to be the only thing that you want, then you know the habit has become an addiction.

Addictions are one of the commonest causes of illness; like diabetes, liver disease, bad teeth and much more.

Wouldn’t it be good if we could control our bad habits…well the good news is that we can.

Being in control and not indulging too much, is a nicer and more socially acceptable way to having to stop your habit completely. Though I think with smoking, very few people can just have ‘the odd one’ say at a party and then no more until the next party! But is possible and very probable for chocolate, sugar and alcohol addictions.

Using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) we tap away the underlying need, the craving from your body and the find the reasons why this pattern of behaviour has become an addiction.  We then change the behaviour and thoughts, so the habit is controlled.

I had a serious need for chocolate at one time, one piece was never enough! In the end, my use of the tapping technique over a couple of days removed the addiction completely. I now enjoy a small chocolate on rare occasions.

No more self-sabotage, or negative reactions to cravings; you can have control and still enjoy your chosen habit, but just much less of it…!

Contact me to find out more, learn EFT by Skype and keep this technique for the rest of your life, you never know when it will come in handy.

Diane  – smile, happiness is catching!