Age is no barrier to adventures….

by | Jun 11, 2024 | blessings

This may not be true for some people, if you are ill or disabled, travel is complicated and can be stressful but assuming that you are pretty fit like me but lack a bit of courage I will tell you about my experiences.

At first, I was apprehensive about visiting Canada to see my youngest son and family, it was a long trip and the first on my own for many years. Good friends said I was mad to even contemplate it “ At your age Di, how will you cope?”

I needed to test out my theories about old age; you are as young as you feel, or at some point, you are as old as you feel. So we can change those ‘feelings’ at any time. My testing proved that as I travelled and experienced life in a different environment, I felt younger than my year indicated.

The story starts with my home-to-airport taxi driver, who went the extra mile and took my cases right up to check in and bag drop…..and this happy help continued for my whole trip.

I know I could have arranged for help at the airport, and had a cart and a hand, but as I am only about 60 in my head and not disabled it was not something I had considered.

On the plane, I asked for help to stow luggage in the overhead compartment. At 5 feet it is impossible for me, never mind the weight of the case….I missed John!

On arrival in Vancouver, I was tired, I did not sleep on the first long flight and then had to collect my large case and take it to ‘Internal Airways’ for my next flight. The man who sat next to me was a young doctor from India, going to Calgary and Medicine Hut for further training, and he stuck with me all the way, taking my case to the next point. We lost contact as I went to check in for my flight to Kelowna, but I will always remember his kindness.

Off the flight and waiting to collect my baggage, then through the door came my son and his wife…what a welcome sight.

And so, my holiday started….so many spectacular and wonderful places, great food, amazing and loving company. I have to say that if I had been younger, I would have loved to live in Canada.

What I learned from being there were moments of sheer wonder, the films and TV programmes that show the world to us in the comfort of our homes are just not the same. The grandeur of the mountains and the clarity of the sky was truly magnificent.

Fortunately, I was there before any wildfires started that created a smoky haze as happened last year. It also rained, and in the Okanagan Valley, this is needed, the area is considered a desert but grows the best vines in British Columbia and so creates amazing wine! Several wine tastings were had….Many drives around the local area, long walks and taking in the beauty of the landscape and wildlife.

Eagles soaring overhead, birds singing as they nested, deer wandering around the roads just on the edge of town, eating from the front gardens that were not fenced, including my son’s house.

The three weeks passed far too quickly, and my return journey was similar, lots of help when requested and my amazing Taxi driver brought me and my cases to the door of my flat.

The message of this story is this….we are only as old as we feel we are, numbers have no relevance and having adventures, and doing things that may tax us a little bit are part of the journey.

Expect to be helped by strangers, they are just like you and me, happy to be of service.

Expect to be surrounded by love, and as long as you continue to give love, that will happen.

Expect to have a happy life, expect to be fit and well and do your very best to enjoy every last morsel of this life.

I will miss the time I spent with my son, his wife, and her family, especially her mother for whom I have a special affection. But forging those bonds has been an inspiration of love and acceptance, of family unity, care and compassion without judgement.

Of course, I did ask my angels and spirit guides to watch over me for the duration…. Maybe that is why I only encountered kindness… if you would like to know more, you know you can just ask…I too am here to be of service.

Diane – in love with life….join me!


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