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Age is only a number

We all know age is only a number but there are days when at eighteen I felt old, or at least 35!  And there are days now, in my late 60’s that I feel eighteen!

The body does age; wrinkles, lack of muscle tone and fatigue are the things that are most noticed, but in many cases if we take reasonable care of ourselves, they can be less threatening and we can take it in our stride.

More of an issue is the mind-set we have, whether we ‘feel ‘our age and whether or not this is our true or imagined age.  If you had no idea what your chronological age was, what would you say when asked “How old to you feel”?  Being a rhetorical question I don’t really expect an answer, though you may like to spend a moment to dwell on the subject.

Our perceived age is coloured by our inheritance and parentage, the area in which we were brought up, the beliefs and institutions to which we were subjected, much more than the chronological age we really are.

So, having said that, if you had been brought to up believe that is was quite normal to live to one hundred years or thereabouts, you would be feeling quite young at, say sixty. On the other hand if you were told that the death would arrive by ‘three score years and ten’ i.e. seventy, by the time you become sixty you may be feeling very old…!

Age is only a number, so know that by having the idea that life will continue for longer than you thought, you will be giving yourself some extra years, so please make them count.

Do something with these additional years that will benefit mankind, even if it’s only looking after grandchildren, volunteering at the local hospital or tending the garden of an infirm neighbour.

Life can get happier if you think it can, and if you are still young compared to me, remember that you have lots of time to reinvent yourself, try again and increase your life expectancy, all by yourself.

Be nice to your loved ones, show gratitude for a life lived and still ongoing, and most of all smile.

If this is not easy for you, or you are suffering from illness and pain, please contact me and see what we can do together.  I am available on Skype, Messenger and telephone,  so it matters not where you live.

 Diane…working on being happy into my old age!