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Oh I do know how hard it is to retain the momentum of a good diet! There are so many obstacles; the party, the coffee and cake meeting with a friend, the supper out at a local hostelry with all the food on offer  loaded with sugar and fat!

I try to observe the 80/20 rule and make sure that 80% of my food is wholesome and feeding my body good stuff and then for 20% I can eat anything. The problem here is, that there are times when this is totally reversed and it’s insidious, it sort of creeps up on me…..and I know I am not alone.

There are many reasons why our resolve is dissolved…one is sugar. Once we start on a sugary snack like chocolate, the body sets up a craving and more seems better, much better. Craving can go on for a long time so any ’fix‘ we find that reduces this and gets us back on course can only be good.

In the latest scientific studies, it has been found that sugar is more addictive than alcohol, which of course can set up another craving and again, we do have a fix.  Also some people crave salty food and too much of this can be just as bad for you as too much sugar or alcohol, as it can put a strain on the heart.

Just a word about diabetes here; all food turns into sugar in the body but highly refined foods turn faster and the body makes this into fat, immediately.  If you have diabetes, your body is unable to handle the sugar overload and can make you seriously ill and put your organs under real stress. It is not good for you and this is an understatement.  All refined foods should be avoided and this includes modern wheat based products, bread etc.  Many people are in the stage of pre-diabetes type two, as I have been in the past. You would know this if you feel weak and wobbly when you  have had nothing to eat within three hours of a meal. It’s at this stage that you may be tempted to grab a biscuit or six…! Which of course puts you back on the roller coaster….

OK, so the fix? Well I guess you may already know, it’s EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques). The reason we are taken off track is because we have forgotten that the only person in charge of our thoughts and actions is us.  Some emotional disturbance has set off the irrational bit in our minds and made it very easy to overeat ….so we start the tapping  routine to remind our body who we really are and what we really want!

The good bit is that, when you know how to do this, it will also reduce your appetite and cravings. So gain control with awareness, watchfulness, mindfulness and happiness and less craving  is the result.

Contact me when and if you need to know about this, it’s easy when you know how. You are not a person who is out of control….are you? Well if you are, it can be sorted..!

 Diane – happiness is catching!