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I have been involved in a distressing series of events recently and even with my listening skills and EFT, I was at a loss at times to cope and help those going through emotional pain.

Why is it I wonder, that when a crisis rears it’s ugly head, rationality escapes out of the back door?

As a professional ‘people helper’ I am aware of the steps required to get others through most situations, one is being the calm in the middle of chaos.

When we are confronted with others people’s pain it can affect us more that we know, or are able to admit, especially at the time.  During the thinking time I had during the days in the above mentioned crisis, I called my sister Patricia to talk it all through.  Patricia is another professional therapist and a calm person, so between us we created the space in which ideas and solutions came about.

There always is a solution to distress; sometimes it is not obvious and sometimes may seem unpalatable, but there are ways out of any and all difficulties.

One is changing the way you think about the issues, you could change your distress, sadness and anxiety to calm acceptance of what is going on.  It is unlikely that worry would make anything better, so leave worry aside and concentrate on acceptance, then you are more likely to find a solution, short-term maybe, but at least a way forward.

Sometimes in a crisis all one can do is wait for other people to step in and take charge, again acceptance is essential. This is not abdication of your responsibilities, just a sensible way to be.

In the event of a road accident for instance, it’s unlikely you would be able to move cars, treat the injured or help the fire and rescue people…..so you have little choice but to accept that events are taken out of your hands.

Tapping will reduce distress, as does deep breathing. We sometimes forget to breath from deep within our lungs and end up shallow breathing, high up in the chest, then some gentle tapping on your collar-bone or side of the hand (karate chop) will be enough to take away your anxiety and being able to talk to someone, without moaning, just talking, will help to alleviate associated distress.

Contact me if you need support in your distress.

Diane – smile….happiness as catching.