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So many people are in pain and not only physical pain, but emotional pain.  Physical pain can be alleviated in many cases with analgesics and even morphine but that does not address  what the underlying reason or the causes of the pain could be. This can be accepted by some as ‘fate’ or in the worst circumstances, thoughts that  it is ‘what I deserve’;  neither of these are true of course, no one has to accept pain as a punishment.

Emotional pain can also be accepted as normal but for people like me, and there are many  of us, we know that emotional pain can be looked at, examined and in most cases,  reversed.  We look at the causes and what triggered the pain at the start, even if this means going back to childhood or even earlier in some cases. This does not apply for accidents of course, this is when we really need our NHS!

One of the questions regarding pain is which came first …the emotion or the physical effect of the emotion. Emotional pain really can lead to physical pain, but sometimes it appears that physical pain arrives all by its self.

Talking to a business client the other day he mentioned that his ’back was bad again’…”It’s due to the cold weather” he told me ” it always goes like this on cold mornings”. Ten minutes later, with some tapping (EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques) and acceptance they he had programmed his body all by himself, the pain in his back had gone.

I have a neighbour who enjoys her ill-health, I am sure you will know people like her.  A shelf full of pills and potions from the doctor, of which she is really proud! She has always had an uneasy and difficult relationship with her mother, over which she harbours  anger, guilt and resentment.  It is hardly surprising that will all these negative emotions being held onto so tightly, that her physical body has noticed and is letting her know…!

If you have issues of emotional or physical pain and need to make changes in the direction your life is going,  then contact me and we can talk about how together we can change your world.

Diane Holliday……for a happy and well-directed life