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I have just been hearing on the breakfast news that many people who go into hospitals or care homes are malnourished.  Well there’s a surprise then….!

The worst part is, the clinical evaluation of malnourishment  appears to be the height to weight ratio. This tells you nothing about the bodies levels of nutrition it tells you only if the body in question is over or under weight.

We can appear to be well fed when all we eat is junk. This is not a nourished body and can well be dehydrated and extremely acidic; in this environment illness, disease and mental impairment  issues will flourish.

Real, live food creates a real live body and an active mind. What we eat and drink has a direct bearing on the brain, as well as the body.  It was not long ago that government increased the amount of fish and Omega 3 oils in prison diets and supplements,  this has reduced the inmates levels of anger and disruption.

Extract from an article in the Guardian which can be found in full here

Those who volunteer to take part will be divided randomly into two groups. One group will be given food supplements to bring their levels of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids up to the dietary levels recommended by the government. The other group will be given capsules containing inactive substances. Only at the end of the study will anybody know who had the supplements and who did not.

Researchers will look at the levels of violence, drug-related offences and self-harm perpetrated by each individual over the 12-month period when he took the supplements.

At Aylesbury, they found that those who had the extra nutrients committed on average 26% fewer disciplinary offences than the rest, and 37% fewer violent offences.

What we do know, is that to be well, physically, emotionally and mentally, we need  an holistic approach to wellness.  Good food and exercise provide our physical and energetic body the sustenance to live healthily and using EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques) to address emotional issues and cravings gives us the tools to live happily.

Wellness and  good nutrition is easy when you know how; if you are not sure, you can get my E book or contact me to talk it through.

To a healthy and happy life for everyone….Diane Holliday