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Many people live their lives in fear; this can manifest in fear of flying, fear of spiders plus many other fears and phobias, and then there is the fear of being alone.

Being alone can be a wonderful experience, living alone can be challenging but know that being alone is not the cause of ‘loneliness’  being unable to love yourself enough is the real issue . We can all be lonely in a crowded room and we can be lonely in a relationship, what we do need to realise, is that we are all always alone.

Are you a ‘needy’ person? Maybe you feel you need another person with you for companionship or protection before you venture out of your home. Or do you rely on your partner or family to validate the person you truly are?

When you understand that you never will never ‘need’ anybody, you start to live your life with inner strength and personal compassion. Though of course having a loving partner and family is important, just get this….it is not essential for your life, function and purpose.

Think for yourself, live for yourself; this is not being selfish but being true to who you are. Then you will have energy and love to extend into the wider world which will, of course, enhance your life and give you the confidence to leave neediness behind.

If the thought fills you with fear, learn how to use EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques), this tool is effective in removing fear and anxiety and replace it with love, forgiveness and acceptance.

We come into this world alone and will depart alone; whatever we think we need, these are the facts and everybody does it, so there is nothing to fear.

If you find your need for others is not easy to change, then contact me and see if together we can get you a better and more independent life.

Diane Holliday