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Did you make a news years resolution to stop smoking and then just not get around to it? Well if you are still smoking I hope you are at least considering giving up….. as an ex smoker myself I know that this is not easy.

To give up smoking successfully you have to really want to stop! No amount of medical evidence or concern from family and friends can make you give up, it’s only when you decide to take charge of your own life and health that you can begin the process and take it to the right conclusion.

The end for me was triggered by a very bad bout of bronchitis and I stopped over night, though I kept a packet of 10 in my handbag for several months. Just knowing that they were there if I really needed them, gave me the courage to stop.

Here are some tips which may help.

  1. Take up an activity that will occupy your hands and engage the brain (knitting, crochet, writing, painting, calligraphy, wood carving) all portable and easy to get into.
  2. Associate the cup of coffee or drink of alcohol with something other than cigarettes, maybe allowing yourself another treat, a text or telephone call to a friend, crisps with your drink at the pub. NB You may have to watch the amount you eat when you give up smoking but better to add a few pounds than shorten your life.
  3. Learn EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques) to alleviate your stress, tapping is not harmful.
  4. Notice the way your sense of taste and smell come back; you will enjoy life more.
  5. Always talk about giving up as if you already have “I gave up smoking a while ago” this stops people trying to entice you back to be like them.
  6. Relish the extra time you have and of course, no need to stand about in the cold and wet to get your ‘fix’.
  7. And finally, see how your body reacts after a few weeks off the weed. Easier breathing, less wrinkled skin and sweet-smelling breath.

So give yourself a real treat…..just get ready to stop smoking but if this seems all a bit too much, then contact me and together with EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques) we can succeed!

Diane Holliday