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Do you have itchy eyes, a runny nose and tightness in your chest, are you sneezing and getting hot for no reason? Then you may just have a dose of hay fever. This is something my poor sister gets most years and I never get…until now!

So yesterday in the exceptional April warmth with just about everything that blossoms doing it like crazy, I was suffering with all the classic symptoms and as I am not used to it, had nothing …I thought…that I could do about it or take to relive the symptoms.

Well I know that tapping, EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques) will really help just about anything, so I gave it a try. As I sat in my cool-ish sitting room yesterday, feeling quite sorry for myself, I started tapping on the way nature is changing and that, to survive, we all have to change with it. I forgave myself for being a big baby and accepted that this change may be telling me something. I then tapped on the conditions, runny nose and the rest and at least I felt calmer.

I have to say the symptoms did not miraculously disappear but the revelation that I could find a way to alleviate the symptoms just came to me….of course I knew what to do…go read my books!!

So I went back to my many books on natural medicine and found just what I needed. Here are some ideas you could put into practise and see if they help you.

Increase green vegetables and add garlic to everything or get some capsules. Eliminate grain foods (wheat, bread, pasta etc.) for a while and….take  some Bee Pollen or raw unprocessed honey (which will still contain some pollen). Increase intake of good quality protein so you are not hungry.

If you had read my Newsletter in February, you have seen the advice to start taking local honey as a precautionary measure.  But if you, like me, were not prepared for this amazing spring and didn’t, then get some Bee Pollen Capsules, they are available from here or your local health shop. Do get the best quality you can afford or it will be a waste of money.

When you take Bee Pollen please remember that a 6 gram dose takes one bee, working eight hours a day, one month to gather, so please take mindfully and give thanks.

You will have to change your diet for a while but it’s quite easy and here is what I am eating…feeling so much better already.

Supper last night was fish and  mixed vegetables with lots of leeks and GARLIC, but NO GRAINS,  plus 1 Tablet of Bee Pollen (lucky I keep some for other reasons)

Breakfast today was two free range eggs made into a lovely fluffy omelette and 1 Tablet of Bee Pollen. Lunch will be smoked mackerel and salad, supper will be chicken and vegetables with yet more GARLIC and another Bee Pollen tablet.  Because I don’t take Pollen on a regular basis I have to be sure that it will not provoke a further reaction, so I start with only one, then two per day, maybe three if the symptoms persist or return.

My books and I hope this may be helpful to you. Please contact me for more information or to arrange a telephone or face to face consultation.

A very happy spring and Easter holiday to everyone, with less sneezing!!

Diane Holliday