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Maybe it’s the time of the year but I seem to have been very busy and not achieving very much in recent days.

I know as the Easter weekend gets nearer, the thought of less week and so much to do almost puts me in the state of inability to concentrate on anything!

I am sure that this happens to lots of people, especially when external pressures are overwhelming. So this is the time to use EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques), a simple tapping routine to calm the mind and then you can focus on the important stuff again.

When you get the stressed out feelings, start by taking a deep breath. This is so simple but works and is the start of the calming routine. Then start the tapping by using two or three fingers, lightly tapping on your collarbone, just to one side of the middle. Now move to tap around the top of your head, using the tips of the fingers of one hand. Now take a deep breath again, in fact several long deep breaths just to finish the routine.

Use this quick technique whenever you feel the pressure, in fact used at any time this routine will take away stress and help you feel grounded.

Have a great holiday weekend, enjoy the company, the food and laugh a lot…another great stress buster!

Diane Holliday