Difficult times, or a time to shine?

compassion love and healing peace resilience shining light Feb 27, 2022

Yes, we are going through difficult times, the world is in crisis and we have wars. Not just in Ukraine but skirmishes all over the place, the Taliban, famines and natural disasters. Remember Tonga and the volcanic eruption, well it's out of the news now, but the people, now have their communications systems back and are coping.

You will have to search for that online. Like most news it comes and goes, there are times, just like now, when all we hear is Ukraine; rightly so but if and when things calm down,  it will be off our agenda and something else will take this place. 

The people of Tonga are resilient, having been through this before they know how to get back to normal. How will Ukrainians cope, are they as resilient? We do not know, but what we do know is that they are fighters, and are prepared to die for their country. Just like my Dad and thousands of others in the last war.

It's a strange phenomenon, many people have said that in hindsight they had a 'Good War', even though my father lost many friends, was injured, suffered pain and loss of hearing, yet he said he was lucky. 

Maybe courage gives us a time to shine, one cog in the wheel that makes it through, the camaraderie of comrades in arms, the possibilities of a better world if only we can get this bit right.....

I am shining, sharing my healing Intentions on FaceBook, writing about resilience, looking after the planet, one piece of plastic at a time. 

Sending love and blessings to all displaced people, those who are hungry or sick, sending money to support them when I can...what more can I do but shine my light in the darkness. 

Join me and shine your light so others feel your love and compassion......Blessings Diane 

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