Me, depressed? Never….but can you help me please?

anxiety disputes mental health Jan 15, 2022

As you may have seen, I have recently released an online course focusing on the depressed state of mind that tends to be prevalent at this time of year.  Of course, not everyone feels that way, some just keep going with whatever life and the climate throws at them and it appears to everyone that all is just fine.

Having been through times of relatively minor depression myself I know that it’s not easy to spot or easy to get out of, it takes effort and when you are down, that can be difficult.

We are lucky that now we can talk about our mental health as easily as would if we had a broken leg or appendicitis! But there are still many people who resist the opportunity to discuss their mental health or ask for support because of fear.

Fear of being ostracised, or even believed, told to buck up or given medication that could have unwanted side effects. When you feel so isolated being coerced into doing something is the last thing you need!

In this course, I go through some of the ways to control anxiety and fear, ways to think differently and I share my expertise in emotional management and teach how to create a better life.

If your mental health during winter is just great, then I would ask you to pass the Beating the January Blues course link to those who may not be so fortunate.

Beat the January Blues Mini-Course

Now onto other things. I am looking for some people to test drive another course, obviously, if you are helping me, the end result will be FREE to you.

Having had many years working as a business consultant, with several contracts dealing with conflict resolution, I enjoyed this work, but I knew even then, that something was missing. At that time, I had little idea about mental or emotional health, it was just not discussed.

Something within me always felt the pain and anguish that people experienced, sometimes going through life-changing events and I always wanted to help, but at that time I didn’t know how to help.

At that time, I suppose I was more worried about myself but always had strange feelings about people, I felt their emotions and almost I knew what they were thinking....  what I eventually found out, is that I am clairsentient, my knowing is feeling, I get the vibration!

It appears that my calling was and still is, care of the mental and emotional states of being. At the time I needed to know more and develop my skills, so then I started my training.

From then on, it has become my area of expertise, as a life coach and EFT Practitioner; I have steered family mediations and general disputes to beneficial conclusions and supported the participants in finding clarity and self-confidence again.

Disputes of any kind cause emotional stress and pain and I have found that my methods, experience and wisdom have been put to good use in mitigating the damage that is caused and allowing the participants to get on with their lives in peace.

Now, I need the following people:

  • Anyone in business who have employees with disputes
  • Entrepreneurs/Salesmen who visit clients face to face and must negotiate fees, terms and discounts which may have failed
  • Anyone who has had ongoing disputes with anyone – Neighbours, family feuds etc.

This course will aim to create a framework for the above scenarios majoring on emotional pain and mental health. How to use my techniques to see that all disputes are concluded in a fair manner with minimum damage to the participants emotional and mental health and then to support them in recovery and healing. I will not mention people by name, only using outlines of the issues on which I can base some case studies.  

Please let me know if you can help!

In the meantime, never forget that we have no idea what another peon is going through be kind...

Love and light Diane









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