New year detox? I don't think so...

happy new year healthy mind and soul no de-tox Jan 03, 2022

 It's a new year... let's get started!

It's energising to think of a New Year, a clean start with new ideas and goals. One of the most toted notions in health circles is the January De-Tox. Well not for me. 

Our bodies are very well designed and when we get back to eating proper meals and less alcohol, we will naturally detox and lose any excess weight.

I would suggest that we look more at what we eat and when.

In Chinese medicine, animal-derived food is considered not to be beneficial, it disturbs the major organs and even creates anger in the mind.

So look at going vegetarian for a while and take note of the differences you get in your emotions. If you feel really brave even go vegan!

If this disturbs you take it in smaller steps. Find local organic milk, cheese and eggs, and gradually reduce the quantity of these items. 

One way to transform your thinking on meat consumption is to visit a farm using intensive methods, also see what happens in an abattoir. Your mind may be made up for you!

I have nothing against meat consumption, if that is what your body needs, I chose not to eat meat and that choice suits my body, mind and soul.

If you need to lose weight, check out intermittent fasting. I do this during the year and just miss breakfast...not hungry, don't eat!

Life is all about choice; this coming year we can choose to be better people, living on a cleaner planet and together, fingers crossed, we can clear up some of the mess and destruction that our living has produced. 

Happy January, Happy New year and happy choosing a better way of life.

My new "Beat the January Blues" online Course will be out very soon...!

Diane - back to normal, fingers crossed!

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