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change love and healing money workingforyou Apr 18, 2022

I had a chat with a colleague recently and discussed our respective businesses, we checked out the websites, viewed competitors and we came to the conclusion that I was not charging enough. So, I duly went through my offerings, the new programmes and courses and adjusted them all up in price.

Having only recently finished my online course ‘All Change’ on how to make changes for the better, I failed to take my own advice. “Before you make changes, consider the consequences”.

Then I had an epiphany: the dictionary definition of epiphany is ‘a moment when you suddenly feel that you understand, or suddenly become conscious of, something that is very important to you’.

So why did it suddenly come to me? I remembered to consider the consequences of the prices increases and two things came to my mind.

One, the definition of my ideal client or customer has not changed. I work with people in need of support, and who need my extensive skills and experience, but the price increase may rule out some who need me and are unable to find the money.

Two, I only have limited time, as do we all, and as I get older my goal is to treat more people not necessarily to add to my bank account. Apparently, I can’t take it with me!

One current client, suffering from cancer told me that she would have been unable to complete her chemotherapy course without the advice, healing and understanding she gained from working with me, which is a lovely testimonial.  But on reflection I think she may be unable to cover the cost of increased fees and our work together is ongoing, so it pleases me that she will be able to continue.

So, on considering the consequences of my action I have revised my prices DOWN, some have been reduced pre-update to make them even more affordable, especially with the increased cost of living in mind.

Contact me to see what my skills and years of experience can do for you, the client mentioned above is not alone in her commendation of my work, so if you need someone to help you through a difficult patch, get in touch.

Diane – living a life of love and compassion

Just in case you too are making changes, please get this course, it will help you make good changes with all the consequences thought through first.


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