What is EFT?

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What is EFT?

What is EFT? This is something I don't get asked very often, as most clients are already aware of it.  But my latest client was in a state of high anxiety, she was unable to stop thinking, in fact, 'overthinking' about everything, so to start making the changes in her condition,  I suggested that we used EFT.

What is EFT? Well, let me tell you, though I know as mentioned above, many of my readers will already be acquainted with this technique, I will explain it again.

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques, and it does just that, it removes the emotional pain stored in the body and mind. This freedom then allows healing and new and better-thought patterns to be embedded.

The reason we use EFT is that it is a proven way to address many types of situations, from addictions to weight loss and loads in between.

The technique is likened to acupuncture without needles as we tap on the points of the body along the same lines, called meridians. At the same time, the practitioner and client talk and discuss the issues that are causing emotional and/or physical pain.

After about an hour of tapping and talking, plus some helpful advice from me, my client agreed that worrying about things she was unable to change was a waste of energy.

We will have more sessions so she can learn about how to change her thoughts and train her brain and so sleep better and be generally much happier.

It is also a time to introduce a client to different concepts, what are meridians and chakras for goodness sake! More to come on these topics soon.

The end result of this session using EFT was a profound change in my client. She started to understand that her worries were nothing to worry about!

Happy client and EFT did the job again....

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