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As you may know I help people to lose weight and get rid of habits that no longer serve them and of course the same applies to me. It’s all too easy to slip into the comfort of habitual eating.

I use EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to help my clients to clear away the baggage that has encouraged our bad habits in the first place. (I use it for me as well, never perfect, still trying!)

For instance the pain of a failed or difficult relationship can trigger binge eating or heavy drinking and this will add to weight gain. Or lack of a job, which will mean lack of money and so the only food you can afford, is cheap and not particularly nutritious.

Weight gain leads to loss of self-worth and in some cases depression and it’s not just because you can’t control yourself, it’s much deeper than that. You may need some personal help but this idea maybe a good place to start.

If your ‘habit’ has been to overeat, you need to look at the quantities you eat on each plate or bowl full, just as much as what you are eating. Use smaller plates and bowls, eat slowly and chew each mouthful well.

Some foods are just so ‘moor’ish’ that it is not easy to stop, so my advice is not to start in the first place. Sugar is the worst temptation; chocolate, sweets, cakes and even bread products can trigger a binge and an overeating splurge..!

My advice in this case is stop eating refined carbohydrates and all grain food…full stop. You may also like to get off dairy or at least cut down.

Increase your consumption of good lean meat, fish, eggs, nuts, olive and coconut oils and eat loads of vegetables (not potato but sweet potatoes are fine) greens are best, small quantities of fruit is OK, but keep to the low sugar (fruit sugar is fructose and still sugar) ones like berries, apples and pears.

If you have to use a sweetener on your fruit, try a Stevia product but not any others, as they will, in the long run, increase your desire for sugar.

This has been recently called the Paleo or Primitive Diet (lots of books on the subject, but this Blog is good; the idea is you would only eat what our ancestors, the hunter gatherer would eat. But as you will not be running after the animals, killing and skinning them; remember in view of this, you will need to increase your exercise level. Just some movement every day and a long walk, jog or class, two or three times a week will increase your well-being and chances of success.

If you give yourself a couple of weeks on this eating plan you will see the pounds disappear and your energy levels rise. I lost my Christmas excess, five pounds in two weeks and it’s not easy at my age (68). Most days I ate (for instance) Spinach Omelette for breakfast, tinned sardines and salad for lunch, chicken stir fry for supper, or any combination of protein and vegetables.

The best things about this diet are you lose your craving for sugar and carbohydrates, you don’t count calories or points; you just eat natural unprocessed REAL FOOD.

Being a healthy weight increases your chances of good health and a long life,  but of course you know that, don’t you.

If you need the personal touch, I can talk to you on the telephone or Skype and get you where you want to be. Contact me for more details.

Diane Holliday                Less of me than there was..!