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Did you know that you can be happy just by thinking? If not, then read on…..

First, an easy equation; positive thoughts = happiness, negative thoughts = non happiness

Despite all you have ever heard to the contrary, you are the only one in charge of your thinking. You are influenced by your family, friends and the media, but non of this can make you think anything you do not wish to think. Think about it..!

Recently I asked a client who had many fears, what was he most afraid of in the whole world. He thought for a moment and said, “Well not death, as that will be another adventure….so maybe being trapped in a body that was unable to move”.

Yes I reckon that is a tough call, but what if we choose to think about that in a positive way. We are assuming the mind is still working at this point or the person would not be aware anyway.  In this case the mind is free, despite the condition of the body, so it can take as long as it likes to communicate with it’s higher self, God or whatever is the belief system. The mind can travel the world, remember, contemplate, be grateful  and dream. So being trapped is all in the mind…!

There is also the possibility that communication is possible, the most famous person who we would all know who lives his life despite his illness, is Stephen Hawking.  What does his predicament teach us ?

Maybe the people who are ‘trapped’ are the carers who cope with the body functions; if they cannot do this from a place of love, they are trapped in a gruelling regime of lifting, bathing and feeding a body which cannot respond.

Whatever your fear is, then look at it with new eyes. There is always a positive and creative way to think, however fearful or depressed you may be.

I find the EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques) plays a large part in this liberation, which of course this is.  You can, with very little training, learn to liberate yourself from negativity and be that person you long to be.

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Diane – happiness is catching!