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As another year is passing by there are things that I had wanted to do and have so far been unable. My intentions were honourable but seemed unobtainable.

Like changing the climate back to how is was when I was a child, ridding the world of megalomaniacs, overzealous and greedy politicians. Not to mention the chemical and pharmaceutical industries that are trying to control the population of both the natural world and us humans, including how our food is produced.

I guess we feel we are powerless; but not if we, the thinking underclass, all stick together. The world’s class system is rigged by the top 1%, they hold the money and power, this then trickles down to the next 9% of ‘want to be powerful’ people and they stick together, like glue.

There are more of us than them, so why are we not getting on with getting our planet back? We could do this by picking the right leaders, making our own lives better by helping others, and most of all encouraging our young people to THINK?

Education is not quite doing it…. Our children have never been taught to think, only to learn by rote, and spill it out for examinations. They are, in the main, not fit for a working life and so in many cases are unable to find a job. Parenting is ‘iffy’, with many under educated couples unable to teach life skills or overzealous ones, giving their child no time to just be…!

When was the last time you hear a parent teach a child about the clouds, the bird song or the wild flowers? If we don’t, then who will miss them when they have been destroyed?

The only way I can think of to get out of this avalanche of despair is to set aside time every day just to write about it, to get the attention of people who will understand and make a difference. If we all did that the tide may change.

Here’s hoping for that NEW Brave New World, starting 2015; let’s not dwell on Aldus Huxley with tales of doom and gloom, and create what is truly needed, truly magnificent and matching the creation that once was ours.

Help me to raise the vibration of our little planet, share this blog and ones to follow; we can all create harmony and love in our lives if we think about it. Abundance and love is our birthright, don’t believe anything less.

Diane – loving what is, what can be and dancing to the music of life

EFT creates a high vibration, overcomes emotional pain and creates harmony in the body. Tapping along with me may just be what you need right now.