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I had a chat with a friend at the weekend, both of us a little overweight, and we both came to the conclusion that we eat more when we are on our own and/or frankly bored!  Well not much of a revelation really, as I guess many of us can relate to that.

Is it really loneliness? Are we feeling sorry for ourselves maybe?  Well I did some soul-searching and came to the conclusion that I actually quite like being on my own, have been for over three years now and am used to being able to please myself ….especially when it comes to when and what I eat…so this is the problem then…

When we are in a family or partnership  environment we adhere to general rules and know that deviation will be noted.  I remember very well my late husband, before he became ill,  saying that two biscuits were sufficient for him with his morning coffee, so of course they were for me too! Now there is no one to notice if I have five……oops!

Of course I tap for my mini addictions EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques) is great for getting off chocolate or alcohol etc. and I tap when my resolve weakens and I just have to have more..of whatever I am eating.  I just have to remember to tap…as mentioned in a previous post, we forget the basics sometimes, even Practitioners.

Discipline is easier when we are watched and so easy to ditch when we are not. So maybe the trick is to assume someone is watching over you and just keeping an eye on what you are eating, just so things don’t get out of control…..Well I am summoning a Food Angel today to watch over my food intake, just to see if this theory works, so will keep you posted.

You may be interested in some articles from the Science Daily web site, both the links are in connection with this Blog in some shape or form. I get the weekly compilation, but so many of the articles are way above my head….and some just grab me….like these did. The second one is a little worrying….read it if you find yourself gravitating towards anger when you are on a diet…!

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If you need help with loneliness, comfort eating or anger at your perceived inadequacies just contact me for a chat. Or if you need to know about the right food for you….then get my Ebook ‘Be your Own Diet Guru’, it gives you the facts on which to base your personal eating plan.

Diane Holliday