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This is still a raw subject for me, bereavement, and today I went to meet lots of people who have been or are still going through the loss of a loved one with dementia. Don’t forget the person suffering from dementia dies with the disease not from it. In my husbands case pneumonia was on the death certificate.

Anyway, all these lovely people were carer’s, having the annual knees up (free as well) at our local Alzheimer’s Society, all having a good old chat, talking freely about our loved ones with dementia.

To start with, I have to say I was not looking forward to having to re-live the recent months. It seemed like raking up the past all over again….but I was so surprised, it was easy. The conversations were light and humorous, everyone remembering the good times and supporting each other…and especially me!

Any bereavement is painful but, as you know I tap (EFT); tapping reduces the pain, I know how to reframe my thoughts and words from anything negative to positive and this gives me strength. I have so much gratitude for what I have; my husband’s life and my wonderful family that I know I am fine and can move forward with love. Also todays conversations were aboutĀ  people who were already getting on in years, at this time we know death is inevitable.

The more difficult deaths are those of children, young people and our mid-life contemporaries. It seems too soon to depart this life, but there is always a reason, though sometimes obscured at the time by grief.

If you are grieving, don’t do it alone. Contact me and we can talk, I know how you feel and tapping together will provide consolation and I will teach you how to cope as you move on with your life.

I amĀ  running another workshop on 6th February for Carer’s of Loved one with Dementia, it’s in Cheltenham this time. Maybe you know someone who would benefit, if so please pass this on.

Life goes on; the sun comes up and the rain comes down….!!!

Happy days….