Fees, Costs ..it is your Investment in you!

Did you know, I reduced my fees just so people like you can take advantage of my skills and wisdom?

It’s not an easy subject, money! Suffice to say I do take into account your personal circumstances and I would like you to understand mine.  I have undergone extensive training during the thirty-plus years of working in the world of coaching, both business and personal, helping many people to a better life. This experience and constant revisions to keep up to date, are reflected in my charges as you would expect. This is your Investment in YOU.

My fees are moderate, my skills are greater….. and from April 2022 I reduced my Fees to make working with me accessible to everyone, especially during these lean times.

All former clients can have a Catch-up Session and Potential clients a Starter Session for £25.00

That is 45 minutes on Skype, Zoom or phone to get you set on your journey again, or for the first time.

Payment Of Fees

Initial Assessment Session – FREE 20 minutes by telephone, Skype, messenger or Zoom.

This will determine what is required to change your life and how to go about working with me.

We will devise a schedule of sessions, with backup where required and start on our plan of action.

Contact is made and sessions conducted by telephone, Zoom, messenger or Skype

Payment Structure

Reduced from April 2022 so YOU can take a step forward.
Coaching and Mentoring, EFT Sessions, Nutritional Analysis and Advice: £60 per hour or £160 for a set of three which is preferred.....That way we have a starter and training session, a working session and a recap session….works well and have been doing it like this for several years.

Further sessions if required will cost £40 each.

Longer courses of sessions are recommended for clients with cancer/long term illnesses and I recommend a set of 10 which will cost £500.00 and is the most economical and spread out, say over a year, that is less than £42 a month. Not much to transform your life.

Recently I have devised two programmes as an addition to my general working methods. Over the years I have found that some clients need consistency and transparency. These programmes are not 'set in stone' so to speak but are the basis on which to set out our working relationship.

The Over 50's Breakthrough Programme -  A Journey of Self Discovery

Self-discovery and self-knowledge are all part of self-esteem and self-love.

This programme takes you from around the age of 50, into retirement and the rest of your life. Increasing your capacity to see opportunities and challenges and plan to have a decent and happy life. 

More details of this programme on the Coaching Page

Your Investment will be £320 for the total programme. Contact me for availability.


The Healing Programme is very special and your investment will be £300

See the Healing Page for the details and ask about payment options if needed.

A 25% discount will apply to all sessions if you have previously purchased one of my courses.

Healing sessions: Humans and Pets vary, so we will need to talk…most times healing is FREE but I do accept donations gratefully.

Dowsing: Please ask about this and will be happy to talk to you.

Payment Methods: I accept cash, cheque and/or bank transfer in Sterling, Euros and US dollars.  More details of how to make payments will be given when we agree on a plan.

For longer or ongoing plans I accept payment via PayPal which includes the facility for credit cards, or by bank standing order over a given timescale.

Please contact me for more detailed information and see what we can do together.





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