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There is little to be said for living in a building site, as we are at present. The whole complex in which we live is coated in a layer of scaffolding, with the occasional team of men in yellow high visibility jackets and helmets scattered around making noise..!

This of course cannot be compared to living in a war zone or refugee camp. We still have our freedom, our home, food and water when we need it.

Like many people at this time, we despair about the state of the world, the conflicts and pain inflicted on innocent and vulnerable people. But of course descending into despair and the sagely shaking of the head does nothing to put things right.

Much has been written about the way our thoughts create our reality, our own world and what we want. If you need to have more details check out this article.

If we could see that our collective thoughts may be making all this anger, then we could see they can help reverse it as well. The vibration of peace is love, and is a positive thought; that and our intention to make this a better world can move mountains…!

This last week there was a universal day for peace, joining together people from all over the world, from many backgrounds and faiths, including those with no religion. We spent time sending out our intention for a peaceful world, one in which we are in harmony with each other, nature and Mother Earth herself.

I have long-held the thought that no religion is ‘right’ and so non are ‘wrong’, we need to peacefully allow people the freedom to think the way they wish to, as long as this has no detrimental impact on others. By this I mean that tolerance goes a long way towards peace; intolerance creates wars.

There is no need to have a ‘Day of Peace’ really, though it helps to focus the mind; if we realise that every time we think peaceful thoughts, have a gentle outlook, take care of the stressed and angry people around us with love, then we are the ones constantly giving the world the high vibrational positive thoughts that will create our Peace Reality.

Peace is in us all, we just have to remember sometimes, find it and spread it about a bit!

Diane – in peace and happiness