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Isn’t it great when you ask for something to be done and it is done with skill and finesse? And so it should be, especially when it is a job of work and being paid for.

For instance, my plumber is great and will always use him, my webmaster creates amazing websites; they take a pride in their work and will always be needed.

Recently I have noticed that some people’s pride in their work seem to be slipping; things are not done as promised, delays in response to telephone calls, and my latest issues which I will now explain.

I moved house over three months ago; this week I received a long-awaited credit from a utility company. This has entailed me calling them on a regular basis, at my expense, only to be told that ‘the computer did not show the credit yet’ or ‘the computer can’t find your record’. Then when asked that they call me back the response was ‘we are not allowed to make outgoing calls’.

Who could ever think this was good for business?

This next one was partly my own fault, not reading the small print on the screen but I paid for something that was not needed. I called the company and was told I would get my fee refunded immediately. Having not received it a month later I emailed to ask and was told that yet another month would elapse before it hit my bank account. My money is making more money for their business all this time.

My partner had an ongoing conversation with a telephone and broad band provider; again about our move and the cessation of the contract. I took over three months of hard talking to get this right and a credit refunded, and they call themselves a ‘communication company’.

Then to cap it all, a local ‘Quality Solicitors’ who did our conveyancing, sent the first lot of documents for signature to the wrong address, which entailed a week’s delay, and recently sent a cheque for an overpayment, to an old address 160 miles away…and they did the work on our new property. It beggars belief but these were only a few of the errors they made.

Is it that some people just don’t care? Or is there little, effective training?

A great deal of work these days is done via a computer and the internet, with people in call centres at one end, who never see and often don’t even have to talk to, the ‘client/customer’. This of course enables a new freedom, to walk away after each shift, carrying no responsibility for the work they have or have not done.

As I like to see the positive side of life, I do of course recognise that most people do try their best; its general standards that are slipping. I vote for more training and an education system that gets our young people ready for work. Ready to love what they do and create a culture that say’s YES you can, not “The computer say’s NO”…!!

Loving what you do means that you never have to ‘work’ again; your hobby, the stuff you love to do can become your income. This way doing your job is a joy, not a chore and can be true for all ages and all just by changing the way you think.

Live the life you want and deserve, rather than plod through each day, as if weary with the world; that is the way of fantastic customer service, a career that provides and a life full of promise and a change for the better. Good all round, or a ‘win win situation’ in modern parlance.

If you need help to create the life YOU deserve, contact me.

Diane – smile, happiness is catching …..even when talking to a call centre 😉