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When you are caring for a person or people with dementia one of the things we notice is the change in sleep patterns. My husband who was always an early riser changed as the illness progressed, into a typical ‘owl’ and then slept all morning! He would also wake on several occasions during the night which of course led to me being tired out most of the time.

For several hours a week I support an Alzheimer’s sufferer and his family and find that this man will also sleep for much longer in the morning than was his usual habit.  I had thought that this was just part of getting older but like me and my clients wife, our patterns did not change.

It’s not easy to cope or provide effective care if you are not  getting your own rest or are able to follow your own sleep pattern.

I found this article which acknowledges this change in circadian rhythms as a normal occurrence in dementia sufferers and about the scientists who hope to find a better way to deal with it.

Quote: “The altered sleep pattern worsens with disease progression and is the most frequent reason for institutionalisation. Improved understanding of the process that underlies sleep-wake disruption may lead to better treatments or therapies.”

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My method for dealing with lack of sleep and the stress that goes with it is EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques). The tapping clears anxiety and allows the body to relax, so sleep is easy even if disturbed.

If you are a carer dealing with dementia you need all the help that you get, so please look on my website for details of EFT or contact me for a chat and see what we can do together.

For all my services, our initial chat is FREE but I also offer half hour ‘Top Up’ sessions to existing clients and ‘Starter Sessions’ for new clients at only £25 per session, making my work accessible to everyone.

Smile, happiness is catching…. !

Diane Holliday