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On the news today we hear more about Type 2 Diabetes which had hardly been talked about 50 years ago.

It seems to have several causes, though the most usual is being overweight and not taking enough exercise and sometimes there is a genetic link. Which  had put  me and several of my friends and family in line to contract it.  I have a sweet tooth and have tended to overeat on occasions, I also have less exercise than I would like and to cap it all my father had Type 2 Diabetes in his later years, so I get the genetic link as well!

Fifty years ago the food we ate was less refined and we did more physical work; sweet food was a treat and not for everyday, cola and fizzy drinks were not widely drunk and we took in more fibre. We also had less addictions to foods and drinks.

I have understood this for several years and have made a conscious effort to change the way I live; I did get a scare a few months ago when I started to get high blood pressure and the occasional hypoglycaemic episode (feeling faint and dizzy when I had not eaten for a while).  At the time I was under stress, another major  cause of illness, in fact the main one.

Well like all good seekers of the truth,  I have investigated and find that Type 2 Diabetes  is totally controllable and not at all inevitable if I take care of ME.

In my therapy practice I encourage my clients to love themselves and care for their mind, body and soul; this is not a selfish act, this is self-love and self-preservation and is to enable you to love others.

So the teacher is doing what I teach. My blood pressure and stress I control with EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques), my blood sugar I control with my diet and exercise and in doing this I can evade the genetic link.

If you have issues around your health or addictions please take care of yourself without becoming a burden on others, but get well, so you can show others that illness is not to be anticipated as inevitable but something that we can cope with using our own power and skills.

If you need help you can contact me here and book an appointment just to talk and see whan we can do together.

Happy tapping Diane