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The way our world takes on new thought is just like the old days; nobody believes it until everybody believes it.  Some people say the earth goes round the sun and others that the sun goes round the earth…at least no one says the earth is flat any more…but did it take a moon landing to prove it?

We are told by scientists that nanoparticles are the stuff of life itself, and spiritual thinkers say that this is how we are able to create our own reality, therefore our lives with way we want them.

At school, children are taught to pass exams, not to create thoughts then discuss and evolve those thoughts. Ideas that are ‘given’ as truth make it easy to ‘radicalise’ young ‘thought less’ people as is currently shown in the Islamic State recruitment, and have been in many religious doctrines in the past.

It seems to me that as our western culture ages, we are unable to see that the past and other cultures, eastern ones in particular, have provided a base of understanding that is sadly lacking in our present day thinking.

Meditation, Yoga, Mindfulness, Reiki, Reflexology, Acupuncture and of course EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) are all derived from Eastern methods of living and healing and  have been found to be of great benefit to many people.

If our ideas have come from our parents, where did their ideas come from? Did those ideas work for them, were they believed or questioned? This may have set out the way we manage our thoughts.

Having spent time researching many belief systems, I am very aware that belief without question is not only foolish but counterproductive. People may die for their beliefs, so it’s a good idea to find out if they hold water or not before you lay your life on the line.

I am not saying that you have to be as flexible as, say the Vicar of Bray in the old song, and change your ethics with the changing times, but that we are all capable of thinking our own thoughts, providing our own guidance and making decisions based on the facts as we see them, not as we are instructed to see them.

We are coming up to a General Election in the UK and we are being bombarded with the issues of the day, each party giving their own slant on the how they would make our lives so much better. I am taking this as an opportunity to clear my thoughts before I cast my vote.

 I will vote because I can, and in a democracy this right, especially for women has been fought for long and hard, but which party gets my mark, I don’t yet know.

Next time you are asked to give your opinion on something, resist saying what you think the questioner wishes to hear; make up your own mind and be clear that not everyone will like it..!

If you have difficulty sorting our your thinking or making sense of your life, just contact me.

Diane – keep smiling, it will help!