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Are you one of those people who has an opinion on everything? Everything from immigrants to when the grass needs to be cut? Well lucky you, you may not be popular with those who disagree with you, but you do know you are right, so that makes up for everything….doesn’t it?

I am one of the many people who really have no fixed opinions as we can always see the other side of every argument, we may sound rather boring as we blend into the conversations around us. We make no grand statements, have no great discussions or debates and are, overall quite bland…!

I am happy to be this way as gentle conversation has more power than being ‘right’; educating people around me, I hope to change opinion by example, by being the change that I want to see in the world.

It’s not a bad thing to have opinions but  if you find yourself constantly looking for arguments and for people to challenge then maybe it’s time to learn tolerance.

For instance it is not any of your business how immigrants get here or how long they stay, but you could show a welcome like you would for anybody, they are human beings. Grass will grow and need cutting according to the weather and how you like your grass to look…..it’s not your business how anyone else deals with their grass. When your opinion ceases to be just that and becomes a row, take a deep breath and think about the other persons point of view, even  the Bankers greed has another side….think about it.

Next time you are confronted by the possibility of an argument, turn it round. Say that you find this point of view interesting and then…..say no more.

Your opinion of yourself says more than your opinion of anything else around you. Self esteem, in a quiet way, will prove more valuable than talking  loudly about what you consider to be right. Make 2012 a turning point and change your attitudes and perceptions. Be a more gentle, less opinionated person and see how love, acceptance and forgiveness takes the place of ‘being right’, deep in your soul.

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Diane, have a happy day