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Well,  I have now joined the ranks of Professional Celebrants and loving it!

Celebrants are the people who write and deliver funerals, weddings, baby naming and much more, with as much input from the client as possible. It’s almost like being a Master of Ceremonies, though without the red coats and loud voice!

Celebrations and rituals are so important in our lives; though many people chose not to go to the ‘official’ religions on these occasions, but they still crave the celebrations of life and death that have been part of the human culture since time began. Think of Sun Worship, Druids and Shamans , long before we had Christianity and our more ‘modern’ religions.

When people really  think about our formalised religions, there is a case to answer. Why have they created wars and mass killings. Check out history and you will see what I mean; also the dictatorial voice that says, you have to believe what I say, to be part of this ‘church/religion’.

I believe that there are many ways to God or our Universal home and I have the spiritual need to mark the passage of time just like everyone else. But conventional religion has no call for me and I am sure this is true for many others.

Just imagine a Wedding, maybe in the woods or by a river, with the service written for you and by you and the vows being the words you want to say.  You would have your chosen family and friends around you as you declare your love for each other. A little different from a Registry Office or Church and if that is what you want, that is what an Independent Celebrant can do for you.

Or imagine a farewell ceremony as a real celebration of life; this also can be written and delivered to make a special memory for your family.  Another offering from Professional Celebrants is Baby Naming and Adoption Celebrations. If you have never been to Church it may seem hypocritical to have your children ‘Christened’ in a Church, but there is a great need to welcome your child to your family and to society as a whole.

In fact when you think about it, we can make any significant event into a Celebration; one to be remembered and talked about for many years. I have already been engaged to conduct a ceremony for a woman and her partner, now they know that they are expecting a baby.  After many years of waiting and hoping at last they are having a baby, they decided against a ‘Baby Shower’,  a very American import, but still want to take time with their family to say thank you and acknowledge their unborn child, created out of love.

In short a Celebrant provides a stress-less way to celebrate the events in your life you wish to commemorate and hold dear.

If this idea grabs your attention then check my web site; I am still, of course, offering my coaching, mentoring  and EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques)and will do forever.  Being a Professional Celebrant is another way to offer a much needed service in a life of service to others.

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