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Another rant; I know I would be considered quite old, but I do have all my faculties yet still struggle with the way money is discussed in the media and spent in our name.

Our government spends billions (how many 00000 is that) on various projects in order to ensure that we have things like the NHS, an army and lots and lots of inquiries into fraud and embezzlement, mostly by members of the same government, banks and financial institutions.

Businesses like the railway, telephone and now the post office are in private ownership. These of course were UK assets and owned by us all, now we have to subsidise them being owned by private individuals, banks and fund managers (see above). Of course the profits, again in billions, go to the few when the majority, i.e. you and me, find it hard to cope, counting our income in mere hundreds.
I am very close to many people who are professional carers; people who look after the sick and elderly in their own homes. They are paid the minimum possible and can be treated quite unfairly in some cases, yet they do an amazingly difficult and sometimes dirty job with a smile, you have to love people to do this work. I often wonder how they manage to live, pay their bills and eat on what they have left after running their own transport!

This is even worse when I compare their dedication to the lack of care taken by the very people who are spending all the mega ££$$$ zeros in the world. Just try talking to a bank manager, there aren’t any; what you get is a call centre whose people will be very unlikely to have the knowledge or skills to help you, unless you can remember your password, special word, new number, old number and your deceased fathers inside leg measurement. The often comment that ‘the computer won’t let me do that’ is as irritating as the inability of a call centre to call you back; when your patience has been already tested by hanging on, waiting to be connected for twenty minutes. (I hesitate to mention the music)

What happened to listening, understanding, compassion and doing a good job of work for THE CUSTOMERS?

Note to Banks, Insurance Companies, Financial Institutions, Government, Politicians in general and big business. Please can we get back to talking face to face again, to discussing issues with respect and grace, to be patient with people’s limitations of understanding and not speaking in jargon? That way people like me will not be so irate at the amount of money you get paid and the profits that are given away in bonuses. Oh yes and please pay your taxes, we poor people do!

Rant over….comments welcome.

Diane Holliday.….will have to tap for stress now..!!