Dowsing and distant healing

Dowsing is a tool that gives me answers to my questions, and healing is all about Intention.

I can also ask questions for you, called distant dowsing, and I can send energy in the form of intention to help when and where you need it.

Using this skill I can find which foods and supplements are beneficial, and which areas of your life are giving you issues. In some cases your environment may be the cause of stress, and therefore illness; in most instances, once pointed out, you can deal with it yourself in your own time.

For healing, all it takes is a photo of you, a family member or even your pet. First I look for the issues that create the illness or pain, then set the intention to heal.

This can take some time so I set aside a regular space in my working day and keep you informed on a weekly basis. There is no set fee, but I am happy to take donations when my work is done.


Dowsing and distant healing - Diane Holliday

What is Dowsing?

Dowsing originated in ancient times, when human survival depended on people’s ability to locate water. People still use dowsing to find water, known as ‘divining’ and it is used to find gold and other minerals, locate missing objects, such as keys and jewellery and I specialise in health dowsing. Dowsers use tools, such as a pendulum or twin rods and personal intuition and lots of experience. We ask questions and our ‘tools’ will tell us Yes or No and Maybe, some dowsers need no tools and just know the answers.

Dowsing is renowned for its ability to tap into your higher consciousness and access pertinent information not accessible through the senses. One can compare dowsing to the bridge between your logical and intuitive minds.

the zero-point field

Scientists now accept that there is something called the ‘the zero-point field’. Our tools work like an antenna that picks up on energy waves, given off by the earth, people, places, and thoughts. It’s all about energy, it has been there forever, the old sages and mystics just ‘knew’ it and how to use it, now thanks to quantum physics, we know they were right.

Anybody can dowse, I have been dowsing for over thirty years; once learned it just takes practice and concentration. By dowsing, you can receive insight and find the energy vibrations to assess overall health issues, find your lost objects…. and water should you need it!

The science bit…

Extract from Lynn McTaggart’s book ‘The Field’

The equations of quantum physics prove the existence of what is called the Zero Point Field – an ocean of microscopic vibrations in the space between things.


Our universe which seems to be full of dark emptiness is in fact the stage of an energy dance where subatomic particles keep popping in and out of existence. Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle and Einstein’s famous equation E=mc2 relating energy to mass have showed how all elementary particles interact with each other by exchanging energy through virtual particles which are believed to appear out of nowhere.


They exist only during that exchange – the time of “uncertainty” allowed by the uncertainty principle.  The energy that is created during each exchange is only worth about 0,5 watts but the sum of all interactions that are happening constantly represents a huge energy source which could provide the solution of a clean and infinite energy supply until the end of times.


This constant background activity is going on even in temperatures of absolute zero, the lowest possible energy state, which has led to the term “zero-point field”.

We are clearly surrounded by, and part of, a sea of energy – one vast quantum field. Everything is connected to everything like an invisible web. Einstein himself said that “The field is the sole governing agency of the particle.” and “The field is the only reality.”

It’s good to know things…..

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