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I went to my dowsing group in Slimbridge yesterday.  It was our last meeting until the  new year so there was a festive feel and we had games that tested our dowsing skills to the utmost.  Well it tested my colleagues, as I seemed unable to do anything.  I do have other responsibilities now as I have been made Treasurer (that will stop me from letting slip that I used to be an accountant), it’s all in a good cause but there is a fair bit to do at the start of the meetings.

There is an uneasy feeling about, well for me anyway and I am thinking that the full moon due on Saturday has more to do with this than usual. The moon has a pull on our energies, just as much as the tides and right now my emotional and physical energies seem to be at odds.

On one side I am happy, fulfilled and busy.  On the other side the ‘busyness’ is  physically tiring and on the run up to Christmas there seem to be less time in a day than usual!

I have taken to using my tapping as an energy balancer….just a round or two of tapping will calm and support me and along with some good long, deep breaths and I am ready to go again.

Around the new and full moon phases, many people feel at odds with life and become unsettled ; normal life seems to change or is disturbed.  Even if you have never read about the changes that are happening  in the world right now, get yourself  aware of the moon. Stand and look (assuming there are no clouds) just know that you are part of the energy that holds us all on this planet.

If you can dowse, ask some questions about your future for instance ”Is my current work right for me?” If you think you can’t dowse this is good time to try again or learn how to; it’s another link to your intuition and inner consciousness.  Many of the EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques) Masters use dowsing as another tool,  so get dowsing this or any full moon. You could try a round of tapping first, just to get yourself  grounded…then off you go.  When you ‘get it’, it can be amazing!

Contact me if you need help…!

Diane Holliday