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I have a client who suffers from depression and an anxiety disorder, so at the moment she is totally reliant on conventional medication just to cope each day. It seems such a shame that finding the cause and tapping using EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques), in many cases is just not enough.

The medical profession,  in the main,  are quite happy to provide tablets and hopefully  refer the patient to a counsellor or other talking therapy, in some cases this does help though will never cure.

My client and I are struggling to get to the real reasons behind her issues. I am a firm believer in a cause, an effect and a result. Beginning, middle and end….trouble is that is not the way the Universe works…well not any more it seems.

Statistics tell us that there is huge upsurge of mental illness in the Western World, thought to be caused by the general stresses of modern life and for many people, the inability to cope with the changes happening  all around them.

So what gives some people the ability to rise above the stress and others to sink? It seems to me that we have to cultivate resilience, the ‘skill’ of bending and changing.  Far too many people are brought up to consider that the way life is, is the way it will always be, good or bad.

Is it not time that we brought up our children to love change and adventure, to expect that their  life will change and they can influence these changes? If we fail our next generations of young people,  there will inevitably be increases in mental and emotional distress.

Let your children explore the world, give them challenges, teach them about money, teach them self respect and respect of others. Help them to understand that change is wonderful and to be relished with enthusiasm.

For  the middle-aged and us older folk; if we cannot see that this is the way forward for our own personal development then, sad to say, the statistics may be proved right and we too may succumb to depression and mental illness.

My client is happy to work on her thoughts and create new neural pathways in her brain, so I am confident that in time she will be able to reduce and hopefully stop her medication.  Some new research here which backs up the work of EFT and other alternative therapies if you are interested.

So if you are feeling low and find life is not as easy as you had hoped, then start by learning EFT; this will be a great help on its own but better still find a local EFT Practitioner or contact me. The 1-2-1 sessions, face to face, telephone or Skype,  will prove to be an eye-opening experience.  You will discover the cause of your depression,  be empowered and taught how to take steps to remove this energy sapping illness from your life.

Diane – happiness is catching!