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If you feel tired all the time, you may think you have ME or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome but I really hope you don’t!

ME/CFS is the most difficult illness to have, as there are so many variations and sufferers all have different symptoms. There is also no standard treatment, though some therapies and medication seem to work for a few people.

Using EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques) with ME/CFS clients is a slow process; practitioners don’t do quick fixes anyway but with this issue, it has to be gentle and we really have to take time. As this can become expensive for clients who may not be working or on sick pay, I have developed a process of teaching and support which gently alleviates many of the symptoms and allows space in which the client can heal.

The process starts with the basic investigations into major life events, especially around the time the illness started, and then using appropriate techniques these can be tapped away or significantly diminished.  Special attention is given to insomnia which can affect many sufferers. This sounds odd, as when we are tired we normally sleep well, so with Chronic Fatigue we would assume the sufferer would be asleep quite a lot.  The problem is that the chronic tiredness in this case can be more muscular than normal tiredness.  In fact, even a short time doing something ‘normal’ can lead to being flat-out exhausted the next day. Ways to de-stress help in relaxing and therefore aid proper sleep, so simple personal tapping routines are used here.

The next stage is to encourage the sufferer to make short-term goals, make lists of things they would like to achieve when well again. Lise Bourbeau says in her book ‘Your body’s telling you: love yourself’ …The emotional body must be fed with goals, for there is no point being without a reason for doing or a desire for having.

At each mile stone, goal reached or task done, there will be a feeling of elation and accomplishment and here we have the start of recovery.  It is also imperative to learn how to change negative thinking into a positive state of mind; little is to be gained by dwelling on the illness when the focus should be on recovery.  More  on this another time.

Therefore for this process there are several areas to cover but each one only needs a short time.  ME clients  get tired very quickly so I make several  short visits, if the client is unable to get to me or Skype sessions, over a few months. Each time introducing a new concept or technique which the client will be able to practice until the next session.  This accumulation of learning provides support and encouragement and the healing then becomes self-generated.

There is no quick fix and all people will respond in different ways, but persistence and regular contact between practitioner and client, using the process described,  works well and returns better health for the client and the satisfaction of a job well done for the practitioner.

Contact me if you need more information or would like to talk to me about your symptoms.

Diane Holliday