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You may remember or heard about an accident recently, where a woman lost two children when a boat they were in capsized, her  husband is also presumed dead as his body (at time of writing) has not been found.

The grief this woman is going through is hard to imagine for most of us, but we can empathise and understand a little of how she must be feeling.

This deep grief will last forever, you never forget a child. It seems in our society that we must always meet death before them, though of course in other parts of the worlds and in even in the UK until quite recently, death of young children was a normal part of life.

Children and babies in particular would die of illness, malnutrition, of cold or heat. Small bodies are vulnerable and fragile. Up to about 100 years ago families had many children, in the hopes that at least some would survive and be able to care for them in their old age.

We have moved on but in some respects not for the better; we have lost touch with the reality of death. Also, most of us no longer have a clear religious faith on which to hang our hopes and have not replaced that with a spiritual understanding.

My understanding of death is that the body dies and the soul moves on. This is a deep spiritual idea, not new and not for this Blog, but in order to help the woman mentioned above, she needs help to prepare and guide her thoughts, which in due course will alleviate her pain.

This woman will be feeling the pain in her body; she will be convulsed with grief, which in most cases will only lessen with time. Using EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques) and counselling,  practitioners like my sister Patricia Wynne and I,  can help to remove most of this pain.  It seems almost like a miracle but it really does work. The tapping puts things in perspective and gives space in which the body can stop hurting and the mind can change how it perceives the loss.

This woman will have so much pain; loss of children and husband that we can hardly conceive how she will be coping but the medical profession will have provided sedatives and a person she can talk to. It’s a shame that EFT is not wider used, as the emergency trauma routine (the person in pain and trauma being tapped on) done at the time,  works to well to alleviate long-standing grief, fear and inner pain.

Patricia lost a child of her own many years ago so can help on a very personal level. I understand though fortunately for me I have not been through that dreadful ordeal, but have been able to help many people in the course of my work.

If you need help to come to terms with such a loss, contact me to find out more.

Diane Holliday – here to help you.