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If you have an addiction or are trying to lose weight, the biggest issue could be will power. It’s more about what not to do, than what you wish to do.

Periodically I go on a diet, just to lose a few pounds and when I am motivated all goes well. But if I try to limit my food when life is already stressful,  I will fail and resort to chocolate and bread, my downfall foods.

So it’s then I  use my EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques) skills; I have a tapping routine that prevents my mind from taking me to the fridge and supports my efforts. This will work for addictions of a more serious kind as well.

As long as you have learned how to use EFT from books, articles or even better, from a practitioner, then use can use the following tapping routing to firm your resolve.

Your resolve is to NOT have another cigarette, drink, drugs or chocolate….add your own addiction here.

First take a deep breath; count three in, hold for three and out for three. Practice this if it’s not familiar to you.

Tapping on the Karate chop point (side of hand) ; bring to mind the main object of addiction (say alcohol for instance) as you tap you need to bring your awareness to your body…think about it, the way it smells, tastes,  the lovely effect it has on you until you really, really want some…

Now say, as you tap “I really want this…….but I love myself anyway”…say three times

Now start the quick routine using only the following tapping points;-

Inner eye, Outer eye, Under eye, Collar bone…keep going round and round, and when you have done several and completed all the words below at least twice, then end by  holding one wrist with your other hand, breathe deeply and say ‘Peace’ until your breath becomes even and slow.

The words to say, as you go through the tapping routine,  are as follows;

  • I accept that I have an addiction to……but I am in control of my body and mind
  • I choose to take control and therefore I no longer need this…….to live my life
  • My addiction is self destructive and takes me from my goals, I am more powerful than……and no longer need it
  • My addiction to ……..will make me ill (or fat) and shorten my life
  • I now no longer have any cravings for this destructive stuff
  • I control my mind, thoughts and body
  • I have a healthy body and mind and love myself totally

Now test the substance by thinking of, or smelling the offending object.  You will find the craving has gone.

In fact you will find the substance rather revolting.  Though this will undoubtedly work, you may need to repeat it,  I would ask you to repeat up to four or five times a day until you no long have cravings and your habit or addiction is broken and you are back in control.

So this is self-control and will power the easy EFT way!

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Diane Holliday – smile, happiness is catching