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We all have thoughts of being a failure or being inadequate at some time in our lives. This is all part of our self-esteem and confidence, or lack of it and most of us can overcome it with a deep breath or a shrug of the shoulders. But for some, these are such destructive thoughts they can be paralysing.

This article is about using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and the use of words; what you say to yourself, especially if you are prone to over thinking…!

Self-talk can be negative or positive; “I can’t”…”I’m rubbish at that”  …”Never could do…” are phrases that produce negative thoughts and feelings so become real and self-limiting.

But when using phrases like “I do my best”…”I can try that”…”I am good enough” …the change in perceptions of self are positive and uplifting.

When these positive words are used in conjunction with the tapping routine, the body is more able to hold the new patterns, remember them and they will become a natural part of life.

Tap on your best point, I like the collarbone and karate chop best, but you will find your own with practice; start with the phrase “I love and accept myself” and repeat this several times until you are comfortable with the words and they are true in your own mind.

Use the re-framed words and positive phrases (above) as often as you can, every day is good, as you tap until you start to feel more confident. Make up your own phrases, ones that suit where you are in your life right now, write them down and use them when you are tapping.

This is the starting point of reversing the thoughts of failure, there is more work to do as you create your better life in small increments, nothing worth doing is easy, or everyone would do it, but this is easy to do, you just need persistence!

The next stage, when you know and believe the first part, is to increase the positive words even more, keep tapping as you reinforce your new self.

“I am enough” …”I am amazing”… “I accept who I am”…”I am loved”        and the best one…..

“I am thankful for my gifts and skills, I am no better or worse than anyone else”

This slow but consistent work will change the thoughts you have about yourself and therefore change your life for the better.

Diane – contact me if need personal help with these issues