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Some people find it very difficult to place trust in another.  This is usually because at sometime, trust has been broken, often by a person who is close to them.

As children we trust our parents and guardians to care for us, then teachers to watch over us and friends and family to love us. When any of these basic requirements of trust are broken, we are left with doubt and insecurity. This can escalate into a lack of trust in all people and life in general.

This lack of trust can create anxiety, when we are unable to go out of our home, walk down the street or drive to shops.  So to combat and help to heal this, an EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques) practitioner  (like me) would look hard to find the cause before beginning a tapping routine. Though some EFT’ers would be tapping along all the time…it’s a matter of taste and opinion but I guess the end result is always good.  With this case though,  it may have been a tap too far!

Mandy, a recent client was in a really bad state, in fact her lack of trust was bad enough for her not to trust me and had been ‘sent’ to me; even my fee was paid, by her friend who had worked with me some time ago.

At this point, I have to say, sometimes it’s not easy to get to the truth of things; we all want to cover up areas of our life that are painful or embarrassing and in some cases we would even lie. Mandy was in denial about her early life so tried to cover it up with ‘stories’ which were well rehearsed and had in fact become part of her life. To get through this to the truth was not easy, but in the end of a very long first session, at least we could talk about the events that led to her trust in people being lost.

After the second session Mandy relaxed and totally placed her trust in me so we were able to talk about her deepest fears; the tapping routine was based on forgiveness and we rebuilt trust by acknowledging that she was no longer a victim. This did the trick, though it took a couple more sessions to really clear the past and allow her to move forward with confidence in people and love of herself.

Trust is important to us all or we live in fear, so trust that you can and you will…!

Diane Holliday – smile, happiness is catching