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When we train in EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques) we are assured that we can use it on everything and so we do.  I have had great success with all types of people and their issues, in many different ways.  Obviously with relationships and the emotional pain these can cause, illness and physical pain, fears and phobias and addictions…and more!!
One client, a while back now, needed help with his sporting prowess, which to say the least was waning…so I showed him the tapping technique and he won his next tournament. That can’t be bad.
As I also work with people in a  business setting, they can  bring issues that a biased towards commercial interests,  though of course they are still just people but with a particular view at that time. I use EFT when coaching  someone with procrastination, fear of public speaking or talking to superiors, for some people even for the ability to pick up the phone and do some ‘cold calling’. Removing the blocks that stop a person for doing what he or she really wants is another great use of EFT.
Just in case there are people out there who are not convinced…have a read of this article from The Telegraph.