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“Then she said…!!!”…  “ Oh no, I don’t believe it, the silly woman!”

How do you feel about that?  You get snippets of conversations which may or may not be about you. If you are paranoid you may consider that every bit of tittle-tattle is all about you, or maybe you are the main perpetrator. If you are neither of these, do you get involved and carry the conversation onward or choose to stop it or at least, not take part?

As an experienced mediator, helping people through family, personal and business conflicts, I find the most damage is created  by the “he said/she said” bits of conversations. The words said are not considered, some times meant to hurt or spread ‘not quite accurate’ information and can be the beginning of conflict or the fire that keeps it going.

The trouble is that words injure, and sometimes terminally. When I was a child there was a well know saying that my Mother would say to me when I was bullied at school.

‘Sticks and stones my break my bones but words can never hurt me’. How wrong this is;  words nice or offensive, can stay in the memory and  hurtful ones can cause untold misery.

By using EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques) we can locate the pain caused by conflict and turn round  and release the negative feelings, so freeing ourselves from years of pain. Internalised  emotional pain creates illness, so to be healthy we need to unburden ourselves of this anguish.

Live a lighter life, no burdens , no conflicts, only a high vibration and heaps of happiness.

Contact me to get your life free of conflict and open up to the possibilities that are out there!

 Diane – happiness is catching