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Peace is something that we all want, world peace would be wonderful for instance. But how often to you cherish your personal peace and serenity?

Our way of living these days is all rather frantic and rushed, also very noisy and mostly we have lost the ability to create a peaceful space in which to retreat.

I really enjoy some peace and quiet, solitary time in which to reflect and gather my thoughts. On the other hand I love Zumba, the ‘girls’ and the loud music but of course this is not for life, it’s only for an hour a few times a week.

I have recently had a week away in a very peaceful place in South Wales and loved being away from home and work pressures and took time, with just me for company, to walk on the beach and the local woods and listen to the birds…amongst other things!

When home again I learned how to make my own home just as peaceful, if you want to know how follow the steps below.

  1. Pick a time when there is nobody else around
  2. Turn off the TV/Radio/Music
  3. Clear clutter from your immediate surroundings
  4. Pour a glass of water, take a sip and leave it near by
  5. Now sit in your favourite chair and relax
  6. Close your eyes and think of a lovely place
  7. Breathe deeply and relax even more

You are now in your quiet and peaceful place, so remember how it feels and how quickly you can do it…each time  you do this, it gets faster and then you can do it at will.

All you need to do is remember the feeling and how the peace affects your thoughts. You are in charge of your thoughts so at any time you can ‘flick the switch’ and find your peace.

When you become a peaceful person your serenity will show; your face relaxes, tension in your shoulders is reduced, stress is relieved….what’s not to love…have a go and see how this makes you feel.

If you need help to find your peace, contact me to find out more.

Diane Holliday – smile, happiness is catching!