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Travel Journals – Kenya

Read about my amazing journeys and safaris and how Kenya is today

Kenya 2018
Kenya 2017 
Kenya 2016
Kenya 2015


Articles on Health and Well-being

Foods to lower blood pressure and cholesterol

7 Ways To Improve Your Health

Its not easy coping with dementia (rev 2018)




Articles on EFT

EFT – The Basics

A Simple Personal Peace Procedure for EFT 

What is EFT and how do we do it

EFT for Reducing Stress

EFT and more for the relief of pain

Other Articles

What are your Values and Beliefs

Embracing Change 

CHAKRAS The Inside Story

BODY and Soul 

The Law of Attraction

The art of Personal Creation

The Art of Self-Healing


Guest Articles

This article is from a colleague in the USA, talking about asbestosis and the dangers children can face

Every kid healthy week & mesothelioma – More Here about mesothelioma

Pleural Mesothelioma

Another article from the USA with fantastic instructions on how to make your own chemical free personal products

The DIY Guide to Natural Bathroom Products…more here

Free articles - Forever Living Diane Holliday

Forever Living

Forever Living Products from the Aloe Vera Company. All FLP products are free from additives and chemicals and the range includes Aloe Vera and Bee Products, please contact me if you need any further help or just go to the site and have a look and buy whatever you would like.

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