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I believe in the innate goodness and ability of all people.

My life is dedicated to inspiring you, guiding and teaching you, so that that your life can become the life you truly want and deserve.

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The forgotten addiction – gambling!

Is your habit is becoming an addiction? What if you just can’t stop…. just one more time to recoup your loses? This is addiction and can lead you to serious money and relationship issues and is not a great way to live your life. Think about gambling addiction in the same way as alcohol, it changes your level of consciousness, the way you see life and pulls you in for more.

If you are on this road and would like help, please contact me. Our work can be on done on the telephone and together, using EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques) and my coaching, we will be able to change the way your life is going and get rid of this self-destructive habit for ever.

Just contact me …..I am here to help you.

Diane Holliday

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We can’t live without money in this world and I really admire people who try. There is Mark Boyle who lives without money and part of me is so with him on this. What stops us of course, is fear. Fear of not enough, fear of lack and for many people there are underlying fears of just about everything!

Fears and phobias are so common that it seems that everyone has at least one. This morning I visited my new dentist, and as it was only a check up, there were no fears at all….next time may be different. I will be tapping before I go, just like I do when I have to climb ladders, drive in the dark around places I am not familiar with or even start writing with a blank sheet in front of me.

If you have fears and phobias that you would really like to live without, then contact me and together we can learn to love them, even if your phobias are spiders and snakes. Life gets so much easier, when you know you can deal with anything and everything that it deals you. EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques) gives you this power and once learned, you can use it again and again.

Diane Holliday

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Currently I am running a weekly course in Cheltenham on ‘What’s Stopping You’ and during the work, so many times it has transpired that what ‘stops us’ is lack of self belief, never lack of money. So part of my work with individuals is helping them understand money and their emotional feelings around it and usually lack! This can come from a childhood of restraint…I know mine did!

My services includes mentoring work with owners of small businesses; I help them address the emotional, decision-making areas in business where being alone can make a relatively simple choice seem so difficult. It is often brought home to me that even with a great business plan, funding in place and the will to succeed…..some people just don’t have enough self belief to make the business work.

Mentoring is hand holding, just knowing that someone else is interested in your business and how you are coping on a day-to-day basis. A mentor is the person you can bounce idea off, ask silly questions and still get a sensible, wise and non judgemental response.

If you have a small business give me a try; I have already been there , felt the pain and the loneliness and succeeded.

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Coffee, good news for me!

Well it seems that I may be OK having my coffee every day….as I have the genetic predisposition to type two diabetes, this is great news.

I have been having some minor hyperglycaemic problems on and off for several years; this is one reason why I watch my diet, and when I find myself eating more sugar or bread for instance it will usually trigger an uncomfortable few minutes. It only lasts a short while but I get dizzy and feel shaky and sick. I then need to eat some protein, usually nuts and in a short I time start to feel normal again.

Yesterday I was out at a business breakfast meeting and decided to have the fresh fruit option; fruit on it’s own is not filling so I also had a slice of toast and a little pot of jam……how silly was that? All quick release carbohydrates, no seeds or nuts to slow it down….so by the time I had been shopping and got home I was in a bit of a state, considerable tapping and eating peanut butter straight off the spoon got me sorted !

I would have been better off eating the ‘Full English’ option at my meeting, but without the bacon and sausages…not easy is it?

Still learning, I had forgotten to listen to my body and think ahead. No one is perfect, certainly not me, but I do try, and I mostly succeed. So if you need to know more about keeping well and finding your personal success, please contact me.

Diane Holliday

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Discipline and diabetes!

Several of my recent clients have had type two diabetes and were on ‘life long medication’…..I really fail to see why, except that many doctors don’t understand it. This type of diabetes is a caused by poor food intake and a sedentary life style and can be cured by correct food intake and exercise!

Reduce sugar and carbohydrates…simple. Well of course it’s not that simple; it will help to cure your diabetes or prevent it starting in the first place, but our food is so loaded with sugar and grain that it’s not easy to avoid it. Have a read of this….Dr.Mercola is an American natural health advisor, and though his writing is aimed at the US market, most of it makes good practical sense for everyone.

If you decide that this is a possibility in your life, please resist the temptation to use sugar substitutes as they are chemical and just as bad for you; see if you can find Stevia, it’s plant based and chemical free. I get mine via the internet from USA, in fact I purchased a basic supply about 4 years ago and it’s still going strong, you only use a very small amount. You will also find your taste buds change and after a very short while, you will no longer need sugar.

Read the labels on your food if you buy ready-made meals….it’s a mine field out there but you can do it.

* If you have cravings Tap to release them (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
* Reduced FAT on labels often means increased SUGAR (anything ending in ‘ose – lactose, fructose etc.)
* Reduced SUGAR on labels often means artificial sweeteners and more FAT
* Watch out for ‘breaded’ foods and go for fresh when you can
* Eat more vegetables, but reduce potatoes

So this January, see what you can do about personal discipline and look critically at what you eat, for the sake of your health but see what other benefits you get. You may find discipline filters into other areas of your life and how good is that?

As ever if you need help, support and encouragement, just contact me.

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Cancer strikes….again!

It’s hard to take in, the statistics of cancer; one in four of us in the UK will die from cancer, and no one seems to know why. I have been trained in Complementary Cancer & Serious Illness Support and my current knowledge and the teaching I provide to my clients, comes down to changing some of the things we do..or don’t do, to avoid or recover from illness.

Just a brief list of some things that you can do for yourself;

* Eat more vegetables, preferably green ones
* Drink Green Tea for the antioxidant and anti cancer properties
* Learn and use EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques) to address anxiety, pain and stress…and under supervision, find the underlying causes of your illness
* Don’t set yourself up to ‘fight’ the disease, accept it and find out what your body is telling you
* Love yourself, and visualise the cells (as whatever comes to mind) ask them to go and ‘see’ them shrinking…you will need to do this, maybe three times a day. If you have another type of illness, see the effected part in your mind’s eye and love it better

To some people this will seem a little strange and far-fetched maybe. But to me, so is pumping the body full of toxic chemicals. Complementary means working alongside conventional treatments, so if you are already in this situation and would like to find a more holistic and gentle way to cope with the effects, or to get onto a better and healthier prevention regime , then get in touch and together we can gradually retake control of your health.

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Coping with bereavement

Any bereavement is painful but, as you know I tap (EFT); tapping reduces the pain, I know how to reframe my thoughts and words from anything negative to positive and this gives me strength. Also todays conversations were about people who were already getting on in years, at this time we know death is inevitable.

The more difficult deaths are those of children, young people and our mid-life contemporaries. It seems too soon to depart this life, but there is always a reason, though sometimes obscured at the time by grief.

If you are grieving, don’t do it alone. Contact me and we can talk, I know how you feel and tapping together will provide consolation and I will teach you how to cope as you move on.

I am running another workshop on 6th February for Carer’s of Loved one with Dementia, it’s in Cheltenham this time. Maybe you know someone who would benefit, if so please pass this on.

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Want to give up…smoking, alcohol or chocolate?

EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques) is phenomenal tool for eliminating cravings….no more patches, hangovers or excess weight..!!!

Smoking causes illness, lung disease, it makes you and your clothes smell and is anti social.

Alcohol dependency causes more than liver failure; it wrecks relationships, causes destructive behaviour, increases depression and destroys brain cells.

Addiction to foods, like chocolate or crisps for instance, create overweight and unhealthy bodies, increase the risk of diabetes and if eaten at the exclusion of proper food, to many more diseases.

Medication and substance abuse have become much more common in the last twenty years as people turn to pharmaceuticals, such as pain relief or antacid medication, before considering changes in life style and diet.

My clients find that after just one session, that the Tapping reduces cravings and after session two, when we put in place the changes to habits and life style, they are free from the harmful addictions that have cost money and caused illness, distress and conflict.

If this sounds good to you then start now…..download the EFT details from my web site or better still get yourself an appointment and get this sorted.

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Letting go…

We had quite different beliefs on death; Peter was convinced that once dead, that was it. I on the other hand am convinced that the soul goes on…not sure how or when of course, but I sort of ‘know’ that this life is not all that there is.

The funeral will be in the morning with a gathering of friends and family afterwards. Not all the invited can make it but I know those absent people will be with us in thought and spirit. There has been a considerable amount of Tapping going on in my home as you can imagine….and no doubt more tomorrow but I will get through it…and out the other side.

Then I can let go and start to move on. It’s not easy after such a long relationship, but move on I must. In some ways the more different my moving on is, the more exciting it could be. I am just about young enough to change the way I live, do something new and challenging. What I do is another matter and not for now.

By letting go I am also leaving a vacuum in my life, and I am sure that something wonderful will come and fill this void. I will always remember with love our wonderful life together, the things we did and joys we experienced but his time had come and for that we are both grateful.

As we move into a new year, we will all face challenges, so let go of what has already gone. Make plans for a wonderful year ahead and live every moment. Keep your energy in the positive zone, remember that positive thoughts bring positive gains…!

We are unable to change the past as you know, but we can change the future by living well in the present and loving ourselves and those around us.

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In a flash…..

Many people are talking about ‘spirituality’, manifesting abundance, universal energy and the like. I am with them all the way, as the move to consciousness is gaining momentum all over the world. I deal with spiritual energy all the time; intuition, dowsing, kinesiology, Reiki, healing and EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques) but I have felt for while now that something was missing.

I have been taking time to re read some of my Chinese and Eastern Medicine books, to recap on my studies with Dr. Kate James and I am starting to see the missing component in our layman’s search for the sacred. This is food. You are what you eat…..but in much more of a deep and meaningful way than eating just for health, though of course that is what I teach people.

I was trained as a nutritionist many years ago, but using the modern methods and traditions, now I am understanding the ancient ways and all the learning is falling into place.

When your body is in balance, primarily by eating the foods that are right for you at that time, your intuition heightens, your awareness is clearer and your mind calmer.

You are becoming closer to ‘God’, you are in constant touch with your ‘higher self’ …or however you would like to phrase it.

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Gifting the unexpected

Each year I produce some services which can be presented as gifts; these services are more powerful and long-lasting than perfume or clothes and more advanced than technology as they are like the wisdom of ages, timeless. Each year I see new people who would never have thought of coming to me, or any other coach or therapist for that matter and each year the gift makes a difference for them and their families.

My gifts may not be appropriate for you but maybe you could think about giving time to someone instead of chocolates; do some jobs for your neighbours, cook a meal, paint a room, clean the windows or do the shopping.

Make a gift of something worthwhile this year.

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Has dementia crept into your life?

We all get forgetful from time to time and this is not the necessarily the onset of dementia but real forgetfulness and add to that some strange behaviour, and certainly that needs attention from a professional.

This first line of help is the local doctor of course, who will then make an assessment and usually refer on to a dementia specialist. After that you are in the system and drugs and care will be made available.

I have recently written a much longer article on dementia, with some information and tips to help you cope, especially if like me , it’s your loved one with dementia.

If you are finding this all a bit too much to cope with, consider EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques) for the guilt, the anger and the frustration of the whole thing! Talk to me, I know what you are going through.

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10 Tips To Reduce Acute Anxiety

Leave your job at work, there is nothing you can do until you get back there

8. Turn OFF your mobile phone when you can, you are entitled to some peace… see number 9

9. Give yourself some quiet time on a regular basis, you will come to enjoy and look forward to it; even if it’s only ten minutes, get some real quietness and peace

10. And once more… smile; love yourself for doing the best you can with the limitations and problems that surround you and look again at number 4…

If you need to know more, just contact me and working together we can improve your life no end!!

Diane Holliday, may you have happiness in your life for ever

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Forgiveness and an IBS success story!

Though after all that, her illness was not the reason she came to see me; she was at a crossroads in her personal life and was finding her current relationship less than satisfactory. So our first couple of sessions were all about the emotional state she was in at the present time and only at the third one did we concentrate on her physical symptoms. We drew up a ‘time line’ starting when she was born right up the present day and tapped on each of the ‘traumas’ in her life as she remembered them.

When we uncovered her deepest feelings surrounding her relationship with her mother, my client reported unusual feelings in her colon area so we concentrated on them, tapping on her pent up anger until the funny feeling cleared. We talked about acceptance of the past and what we are unable to change, we tapped on forgiveness of her mother and herself and I encouraged her to replace anger with love.

She called me today to let me know that she has been free of IBS symptoms since then, the first time in 24 years. I call that another tapping miracle, thank God for EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

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What are your life affirming values?

Many people go through life rather like actors; fitting the roles that they think society, family and friends expect of them. It can take some time, and for a goodly section of mankind far too long, to realise that there is only them. That by acting a part that is not congruent with their own values, they are living a lie. A decent coach or mentor will get to the parts that need reviewing, and reveal to the client that they are the only ones who can make changes to their lives and the way they think, and then be there to support and guide them through those changes.

Charles, for example, was in a rut. A mid-life crisis before mid-life had arrived. He was bored with his working life, had no stable relationship and felt that his life was less than worthwhile. He was also in the grips of a very tight financial situation and frankly was letting his life go down the drain! Motivation alone would never be enough, he had read all the self-help books but never acted on them. His core values about himself and his beliefs about the world had disappeared. He was unable to connect his inner most thoughts and principles to the way he lived now.

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Redundancy – a challenge not a disaster!

Redundancy is not and never will be a disaster unless you think that it is. If you can rise above the rest and take this challenge, because that is what it is and run with it, you can face the change in you and your life that will be inevitable.

You may need help. We all need help at times, and if you are facing redundancy soon or in the next couple of years, take the help that is offered.

Coaching is an investment in your future; I have the knowledge and skills to help you confront the challenge and be the change in your life that you need to find that better future.

I am providing a special offer to get you started on your new journey. Contact me now if you wish to talk this though before deciding to work with me.

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Will an Alkaline Diet help me get well?

Well if your body is over acidic for instance, by which I mean lacking a good ratio of alkaline to acid, you may progress an illness faster or even create one. Your immune system may be compromised and things can start to go wrong. But there is something we can do about this, to get well and stay well. We can eat the right foods to keep our body a little on the alkaline side.t is not surprising to know that green foods, vegetables and fruits will produce an alkaline state in the body where meats, eggs, diary and grain will produce an acid state. But we have to find a balance that is workable, nutritious and palatable.

When I start working with a client I do some investigations which can seem a little forensic! First I go through a food intolerance testing procedure, using Kinesiology (muscle testing) which is non invasive and very accurate. I also look at their individual constitution, background, medical history and food diary.

It is quite in-depth and then eventually, an individual diet can be devised dependant on the illness and all the results found in the tests. In all cases we will wish to reduce the acidity of the body and restore it to harmony, which is more alkaline. This works surprisingly quickly and the client will respond by starting to feel considerably better in a matter of days.

Some recent success have been a client with cancer going through Radiation Treatment with no problems, a client with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) completely well and off all medication and a young child with behavioural issues now calm and focused!

So to get to grips with this concept you will need to know what to eat to get the wonderful alkaline ratio balance right for you.

Read more about this in the full article and food lists on the web site and please pass this on to anyone you know who may benefit.

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Miracles and Flexibility

So I had a chat with the Universe/God/Angels etc. and asked for a little miracle. I asked for help to get some more clients or other work to fund me and the voluntary work that I do.

That was yesterday and today…. first I get a really bright idea about collaborating with a networking colleague. She is a virtual PA and I do accounts and bookkeeping, what better than to work together? Then at this mornings breakfast meeting I get a client for multiple addiction clearing with EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques).

This afternoon I have been called by a friend who says to expect a call from a person she has been talking to about my work. So that makes three little miracles that may grow in big ones!

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Awareness and understanding

Most people are in fear; fear of something which causes anxiety and stress. This means that we are unable to have our full attention on anything, as fear and worry will surface and blur our conversation or work, as other, unwanted thoughts creep in.

Being aware is about making a real effort to concentrate on a person or task in hand. Listen, look, think and listen even more. If you can be part of the person you are talking to, or the task you are doing, you are consciously aware and from this will come personal understanding and development.

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Becoming an Expert in Complementary Support for Cancer and Serious Illnesses

Yesterday I visited a client with breast cancer, she is still going through the medical system and after the chemo has now started radiotherapy. She was so tired and had been ridiculed for her loss of hair by an inconsiderate neighbour which had reduced her to tears. We tapped for a while and reassessed her diet and actually realised that her progress was astoundingly good! Her positive frame of mind returned and when I left I knew she was in a better place to carry on the treatment and complementary regime.

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Does the thought of seeing a Life Coach terrify you?

Telephone work is most advantageous for people who are very shy, suffering from anxiety issues or who are unable to travel due to illness or other reasons and for people living a long distance from me. Using this communication medium for coaching is just as satisfactory for health mentoring, career and business, as well as self-development and counselling.

A telephone session is somehow neater and more structured than face to face work; training in the application of EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques) where required, is done verbally with the use of a downloadable chart from my web site and we still tap together, as we would in person, which also creates a closeness and connection.

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Intuition, Intention and Integrity

Without integrity there can be little mutual respect between client and practitioner, this and trust are paramount to inspire confidence in the relationship. Then we all need a little intuition, just to get to understand our client without having to take hours talking. Intuition is feeling the connection between two people and almost ’knowing’ things that have not been spoken about.

Lastly but hardly least is intention; every therapist or practitioner would say that having the intention to help is accepted, normal and required.

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After the holiday – now what?

So many times the stress of a holiday can cause deep friction in a relationship, this is more so when there are very young children or teenagers involved. The young are demanding and the teens can be unresponsive and just plain difficult!

In a relationship, love can soon get kicked out of the door when ‘life ‘steps in and takes over. The joys that once were a part of a loving relationship get messed up with issues much more demanding than whether the toothpaste tube is squeezed in the middle, or that socks are left on the bedroom floor.

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Lights, camera, action!

How often do we find ourselves acting out our lives? Many times…mostly there is no harm in this, but if it happens too often we may forget who we really are. Being authentic and real, what is usually called ‘being ourselves’ is the best way to face the world and all its challenges, rather than hiding ourselves within a shell of outward appearances or a cloak of lies.

I have found that clients who come for EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques) and coaching are often at a crossroads in their lives and still have to find their true self. When I ask “If we take away the stuff that surrounds you, who are you?” I client will admit to not knowing who they are or why there are here.

Having been there myself, vulnerable and in emotional pain, it took time and effort to do ‘the work’, to make the time to learn about me and love what and who I am. Check my efforts out here …see how important and empowering self-knowledge can be.

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EFT, pain and metaphysics

It makes sense to consider the reasons behind illness; that way we have more knowledge to work on and the ability to make the connections. I know that an accident will produce pain that is not associated with anything else, but that in its self is a trauma; fear, anger and frustration often builds up after an accident and needs to be cleared to enable the body to heal.

It’s all very logical when you think about it. But it is getting you head around something that at one time was ‘known’, then almost forgotten.

We are the creator of our thoughts, our thoughts create our reality…so be careful what you wish for!

“Everything is possible for him who believes.” Mark 9:23

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Back to school? – use August to think

September brings a new school term and a fresh attitude to work and business. New marketing campaigns start, new contracts are drawn up and the following weeks are full steam ahead until the Christmas and new year break.

For students this is the time to make up minds and is not easy. Jobs are scarce and just more education is not right for everyone.

If you want to start autumn with renewed vigour, passion and direction, use August as your self-development time. Expand your thoughts, review your personal life, re-examine your goals and see if you are still on track. If you have not started on your personal or business development, then maybe this is good time to begin.
If you are thinking about work, career or business, your relationships and how it all fits together and need some support, please contact me. I have an August Special Offer, you may like to try….It’s ‘think it through’ time!

Hope you have a happy summer ahead and love finding out who you are and where you are in your life.

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Are you effective in what you do?

he ability to see your path ahead with clarity and to visualise your goals is the best way to make good stuff happen. The Law of Attraction says, that what you focus on you attract, so the art of focus and concentration will provide the universal energy to bring your goals nearer to you. Make them happen in fact.

You may know about that and read all the books….but it’s still not happening for you? This is where application and effective thinking comes in.

We all have personal power; not egotistical power but innate, inner power that we have to recognise and use. We are in charge of our minds….no one else, so why is it so hard to make our minds do what we think we want them to do…? When we try to apply effective thought processes, I guess we can get a little nearer to finding this power…and when we find the power our thoughts become the effect we are working towards. Try these tips and see what happens to you…

* Set your goals and objectives down on paper, pin them up where you can see them
* Visualise life when you have achieved them…or you will always be waiting to get there
* Concentrate your mind on the path and what you have to DO to get where you want to be
* Be prepared to change yourself, your habits and beliefs….you can’t change anyone else

By making your thoughts effective, your deeds will follow and it’s the doing as well as thinking that make things happen. If you are stuck….maybe your goals are not right for you and you need to re think what you are working towards and why.

My mentoring methods can help you find direction at life’s crossroads; change career, sort out business issues, resolve relationship conflicts and more….I can help you become the effective person with realistic objectives and the personal power to get there….effectively!

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Caution – your job may make you ill!

We tapped for her feelings of rejection and being ignored and then, on locating the place in the body where the emotional pain resided – in this case her upper chest, for her lack of voice. She was not being heard and this created the huge amount of turmoil in her life.

After a few rounds of tapping with EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques) she noticed a distinct change in herself. She felt more confident and understood that she was allowing this work pressure to make her ill. Now she could stop it right there. She in charge of her thoughts, no one else. Our working life is part of who we are and to remain happy we need to understand that how we are BEING is just as important as what we are DOING.

Bring some happiness to your workplace on Monday, so being happy will affect what you DO.

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Personal Discipline..not always easy!

A recent client had a habit if talking about people, a real gossip and this had given her a reputation that did not sit well with her. Now each time she thinks she will tell a ‘story’ about another, she remembers that this is not the person she wants to be…and stops herself. That is discipline.

Now her reputation is mending, people think she can be trusted with confidences and her vision of herself is changing.

We can all do that if we choose to; if you need to wipe your slate clean try the Personal Peace Procedure, this will enable you to see how the world sees you and why. It will enable you to make the changes that will make you into the person you really want to be.

The tapping technique EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) separates painful memories and removes them from within you, and literally frees you to think in a different way. This tool is the easiest way to make changes and assists in motivation and discipline. Make those changes today, become the person you want to be…it only takes a little discipline.

Talk to me if you need help along the way, I love listening to your stories and I never tell!

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OMG what a small world!

We are all connected and the thoughts that I have today, mostly about my relationship, will reverberate around in the universal energy field for ever….so better make them good thoughts!
Maybe we should remember to live our lives as best we can, hurting no one but fulfilling our dreams. A life with passion and purpose, a life aligned to who we really want to be, not a life dedicated to what we want to do . Doing is only relative to people’s perceptions of us, being is about authenticity and aligning our desires of who we want to be and with what is right for us to ‘do’. This is the ultimate happiness; loving yourself and loving what you can do for others.

More power to your vision of love and life. If in any doubt at all, you know you can ask me more.

Happiness is just wonderful and it’s there for us all.

Diane Holliday

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Is Life Coaching a Therapy

In practise these definitions can blur; I coach people, I also have skills in the therapy context, so in my case I am both! A classic personal and business coach, like my good friend Cathy Dean would not necessarily have the same client base that my practice attracts. Our strengths are similar but different and we may even pass clients to each other when we feel that the others relevant expertise would assist our client.
EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques) is called a technique and not a therapy but we use it as an aid to coaching, ie. to remove blocks to success and as a tool to help sick people get well. So it all starts to get a bit muddy!!

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EFT for Stress Reduction

Stress is catching, just like flu! Stress is a negative emotion and often leads to anger, depression and frustration. To balance out negative energy and create a more positive and less stressful life takes personal effort. We have to be aware of the stress; take measures to reduce it, find better ways to think and positive ways to talk. Change every negative thought or word into a positive one. Tapping for instance on phrases like, ‘ I hate my job’ becomes ‘I love what I do’ even if at the time you don’t. Just by changing the way you think will increases the good, positive energy in your body and you may even feel happy!

Catch yourself in a negative mood and change it; tap, talk and think your way out of it and you will find that this habit, cultivated regularly will give huge benefits, in fact you may just get happier and less stressed.

Worth a try? What have you to lose….but your stress and negative outlook on life.

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EFT and Dowsing

Recently a long session, working with a client who has personal issues, fibromyalgia, diabetes and IBS, was slowed up by our inability to hone in on the underlying causes of all this trauma and disruption. If I had dowsed as well as just using my intuition and my clients memory, I am sure we would have been able to find, resolve and clear much more. Next time she comes I can use my revitalised knowledge and see where it takes us. Positive energy is the best healer, so think positive, talk in positive language, do positive things and BE the positive person you really want to be. Get your high vibration going and find the happiness and wellness in life that you deserve.

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A day out at Tintern Abbey

This was another reminder to me that nothing is lost, all memories continue and that I must use my time to extend my skills with creativity and teach what I know. EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques) changes lives and my wish is to reach more people and change more lives for the better. I see myself as the equivalent of a stone mason, not chipping out the carvings that adorn the abbey but chipping away at negative thoughts and helping to replace them with positive ones; love, compassion and acceptance.

To do this, I work to hone my skills…..just like a craftsman, sharpening a blade on a fine whetstone; doing this provides me with personal happiness and joy. If you would like to learn more about EFT and how to live a happy, creative life, please contact me

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More on EFT for Sport

He read the blog and told me that when he learned EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques) with me, he was tapping on a regular basis and just before a round a golf! His game had got better but then he forgot about the tapping……some months later his game deteriorated and he had some professional lessons just to get him back on form. He forgot to TAP!

He called to thank me for the ‘reminder’ and don’t we all need that? So when he completed his game this yesterday, his form was just fine, the tapping had reinforced the work we did so long ago.I had a comment on the last blog….”maybe I should go to South Africa and help out our England football team”. Any offers of money for the air fare are welcome…!

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Childlike Passion for Life

This has fueled my passion for the work I do; like a small child passionate about a new toy, my passion takes on a fresh dimension and helps me to remember all the lessons in the books on the shelf and use the lesson in life that have come my way. Where there are issues to tackle, EFT removes the emotional pain, it also provides the ability to accept and forgive myself for the wrongs I have done along the way. There will always be work to do, but by thinking only of ‘now’ increases my happiness and that of those around me.

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Remembering a fear from birth

He had a fear of hypodermic needles, avoidance is futile as we have little choice. There are vaccinations, dentists and jabs when we go to certain foreign countries. Personally, even though I don’t ‘like’ needles it is preferable to having a tooth out without pain relief that the needle will bring.

It transpired that this child had needed special care at birth and this trauma, though not remembered consciously was part of his fear. He may need to come and see me again as this is a deep-seated issue for him, but at least he is making progress in the right direction.

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The death of a child

Today I talked to him about EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques) and how this can help people overcome the emotional pain of illness and death. He freely admits that this would be helpful to him as each time he talks about his daughter his pain is re-lived.

I hope I can help him in his quest to remember her with love and without such personal emotional pain. Acceptance is the key to reducing emotional disturbance in the body; we learn to accept what we cannot change. EFT tapping has a huge place in dealing with such issues, even the demise of a pet can throw a spanner in the works and unleash more pain than you would expect. So the death of a loved one needs TLC, empathy and tapping.

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Coping with the aftermath!

Though I am not often depressed, it is important that I can empathise with these feelings, just so I know a little of what they have to cope with. Depression can be crippling and has many causes; I like to use several skills to help clients over this, EFT of course and also high quality specialised nutrition. Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates, 460 B.C.

If it worked back then, maybe we should all take note!

We are what we eat, so taking in the right foods helps the brain function well and gets the body back into balance. If in doubt when you feel low or depressed, try including more Omega 3 oils into your diet as a supplement and eat oily fish at least twice a week. You may be surprised to find it works!

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Fibromyalgia and EFT

Fibro sufferers experience, amongst other things, muscle pain, depression and sleep deprivation so I started by getting the twenty plus people to concentrate on their pain and rate it from 0 to 10, 10 being very high. We worked using the EFT tapping routine for several ’rounds’ until everyone experienced just what this technique is capable of and reported a drop in intensity. In some cases I worked with individuals but in the end the entire group found that their pain had gone also their depression was lifted and they went home with the skills to help them get a decent nights sleep.

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People – another cause of anxiety

Learning to identify the causes of stress and them have the ability to deal with it has to be the very best way forward. So when you are feeling the pressure, take a moment out to contemplate the cause, tap it away and you will feel better and happier.

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Scared to talk?

This is a form of social anxiety and can in, some cases become a recognised disorder. Shyness in a social situation is one thing but social anxiety can prevent a person from making all connections other than the known family and very close friends. This overwhelming emotional pain can be controlled with EFT and a couple of sessions with an experienced practitioner would find and eliminate the causes.

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A new month ….and sunshine!

I can't believe how much better I feel when the sun is shining...it's been such a long, dark winter and may be more to come. Even more reason to get out in the sun today and top up your vitamin D, get some exercise and look at the signs on new life all around you....

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The weekend familiy crisis

Yes it's Saturday again. For some families this can be tiring and emotionally draining. Gone is the rhythm of work and school, so coping with each other can be a strain. There is so much to do in two days, everything that has been put aside all week. When will you...

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The way to stop smoking

Just had a client to see me about how to give up smoking......again. This time will be different as he has come to the right person at the right time. Poor man has tried everthing pills,  patches, hypnosis, the lot. I will expect him to come for two sessions and he...

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Working on the future

New blog today after a great meeting with Twice Creative regarding my web site and branding!! Well this may be that last time that I reinvent myself so it has to be right. I have to say some of the 'jargon' took a little getting used to but then I get into the jargon...

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EFT – use it on everything!

When we train in EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques) we are assured that we can use it on everything and so we do.  I have had great success with all types of people and their issues, in many different ways.  Obviously with relationships and the emotional pain...

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The Meaning of Money

What does money mean to  you?Is it  ‘a means to an end ‘ The only think you think about? The reason to live?Do you think that  money is the route of all evil? Do you say “I don’t need money I can manage on what I have”?We all have different ways of...

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More about leadership for the sole trader

When we set out on the road to build a business we are often alone. Maybe we choose to do some workshops or courses, read books  to top up our skills before we start, or just launch ourselves into working.If you have not had the time or the inclination to take on...

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Facing the inevitable truth

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The art of living with happiness

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Consolidation and learning

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Follow your leader..if you have one!

There was a very interesting article in the Guardian Saturday newspaper last week. It was all about leadership and how it should change...from telling people what to do, to trusting them to do their best…in a nut shell. This is all well and good and I have been...

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It makes you think!

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Snow and slow start to the business year

So, you worked on your strengths, then on your plans and now...maybe it’s not got going yet?I think the majority of small businesses are suffering right now. The weather is slowing everything down in an already slow economy. Talking to colleagues recently, most of...

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The new year bulge!

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A new year, a new start……so get going!

Despite the snow and bad weather, it's time to start getting your business going for the new year. If you have time you could revisit your Business Plan and Marketing Plan...if you have them. Even if you find they need no revision is helps to take stock of what you...

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Late pre Christmas blog…

I have already wished you all a happy Christmas so this is an after thought.Did you find the skills map useful? I hope so and you have information now on what you can do and you can put this to good use in planning for the future of your business life. Over the...

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Changing perspectives and food waste

For my readers who have been asking about my change in diet which I wrote about in November, here is an update.  You may recall that I gave up all meat, fish and eggs (had already not eaten dairy food for a long time) and alcohol. This did me me a great boost,...

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What did you learn?

I hope that you have managed to complete the skills map. If so I would think that you have learned a bit more about yourself. Life's like that, when you take time to think you can learn from the outcome. Now you have the information, you can start to plan for next...

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Grandchildren and the passing of time!

My eldest grandchild, James is 20 today. I find this a little disturbing to put it mildly. He is a grown up (has been for a while really) goes to work and leads an interesting and young man about town type of life.His father Simon was 23 when James was born, I was 21...

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Goals or no Goals?

Goals or no Goals, that is the question??? Most coaches are talking about setting goals and targets for next and generally that is what we do....help our clients get a plan sorted out during, for most people, a quiet time in the business calendar. This year I would...

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The increase in anxiety as we count down!

Have you noticed that people are becoming more anxious than usual? It seems OK to most people that around this time of the year we build up to the festive season with the frantic round of shopping and parties, in most cases to drop and often succumb to illness during...

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Businesses shutting down for Christmas, already?

It’s still November, only just I know, but how come the annual shut down of business life if starting now? There is a recession on and those of us in business for ourselves have to work harder to keep on top. Employees (I remember it…just…) look forward to time off...

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Business Makeover!

I provide SME's with a Makeover when they find that 'stuff' gets in the way of making money.My idea of a makeover is less to do with a new hairstyle and eyebrow shape, rather more to do with financial and process controls. Knowing when you have money coming in and...

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A business going down and some going up!

As this recession starts to lift there are business out there that will still slide remorselessly into receivership,or with sole traders taking bankruptcy as the only option. This is so sad, they have weathered the worst times and will not be there to enjoy the upturn...

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Red Roses

I have just received a bunch of roses, red roses and not from a man! It's a late birthday present from an old girl friend, one I don't see much of but one I talk to every few days. We have a great friendship and as we both get older we value this highly.This is just a...

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Experience and wisdom can’t be bought!

Over the last 50 years, basically my working life, I have come to realise that of all the stuff that I know and the skills that have accumulated, experience if the most important and the most valuable. I now understand that experience is my main asset, that and the...

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Money saving & health promoting!!

Over a few months during the summer, I had started to feel my age a bit (not like me at all) so gradually I took myself in hand. First I cut out all food derived from animals; meat, fish, dairy and eggs (I was buying as much organic as possible) also alcohol which I...

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Jasper the barking dog

Since the workshop with Gwyneth and learning more about working with animals, I have been doing some surrogate work on Jasper a dog that is walked by my Pet Services friend Emma. He barks constantly and is very naughty and unresponsive.I have been tapping for him to...

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People are just people!

During my work as a business coach I meet many people who are really not quite ready for coaching. They may be arrogant, self centered and self opinionated but nevertheless there is something in them that says they need some help and guidance. It's not easy to get...

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The end of a month- magic please!

I remember, years ago when I was a Management Accountant,that the end of a month would bring loads more work. The Months Accounts, checking the budget, getting the figures ready for the management meetings and then the Board of Directors. It's so nice not to have that...

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New EFT ideas and working with animals

Patricia and I have recently spent a weekend in Ilkley with Gwyneth Moss (EFT Master) doing new stuff and keeping up to date with developments in the EFT world. I love going to Yorkshire anyway as the area is just so beautiful.One of the topics we covered was working...

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It can’t be next year yet?

Last week I was sent forms to complete from one of the Holistic Centers where I run workshops. The dates were for the early spring brochure, January to April 2010 and it kind of threw me for a while. With the weather being so kind that week, the clocks not gone back...

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A little rant on management!!

Management is not about cost reduction but wastage reduction. Management is not about being the best but molding the best team. Management is more about motivation than perspiration. There are a lot of words written on the subject of business management and most of...

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The knowledge of age

I am loving this getting older business...!! I sometimes wish I had had some of this wisdom and stuff many years ago but hey ho...not to be... but I am getting it now!There may be creases in my face, laughter lines Mum used to call them and my body maybe showing signs...

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