• If you are suffering in a difficult relationship, this is for you!
  • Are you finding just living every day a real struggle?
  • Does your significant other or a family member undermine your efforts and your career?
  • Are you suffering from bullying or abuse in the workplace?

This program is designed to support you through the changes that you want to make, personal, mental and physical. We know that at times our relationships can go wrong, maybe they even start that way and we put up with it.

It’s not easy to always get on with your mother for instance; sometimes dominating or dismissive. The mother-daughter bond can be happy and shiny on the outside but with undercurrents of resentment or even anger on the inside.

Or with your partner, in whom you have invested time and effort, even had children, but eventually the abuse, verbal, mental or physical is just too much to take anymore.

If you are suffering from abuse in the workplace this course will help you see your way through and empower you to make the right moves at the right time.

It can be far too scary to make decisions. After a while, the fear of “what will I do if…” becomes overpowering.

These relationships are damaging, they can also create illness in your body and mind. You are being affected by not addressing the issues you face, but I get you. I understand because I have been there; we do have courage, but it so helps to have someone to help find it!

So, working with me you will get the chance to clear up your inner thoughts and make decisions that will clarify your way forward. In our safe place, working together we can explore the hows, and whys, and see what your future can be. Life is all a journey, one of discovery of self.

“Of the many needs we have as human beings, the one that brings us the most inner tranquillity is sharing who we are, how we feel, what we are thinking, and what we are discovering about ourselves. We all need a sacred witness in life, a person who can listen without judgment while knowing the right questions to ask.”



Here is the basic layout of the course but as I deal with each client as individuals it will be tailored to you and your needs.

A 6-Session Course for Women Experiencing Difficult Relationships

Session 1: Understanding What Constitutes Abuse

  • Recognizing different forms of domestic abuse
  • Seeing why work-related abuse relates to you
  • Understanding the cycle of abuse
  • Exploring myths and realities about domestic or work-related abuse
  • Identifying red flags in relationships – personal and workplace

Session 2: Safety Planning and Resources

  • Developing a personalized safety plan
  • Exploring available community resources (shelters, hotlines, support groups)
  • Understanding legal options and protection orders
  • When to see upline management and reporting issues
  • Discussing the importance of building a support network

Session 3: Self-Esteem and Boundaries

  • Understanding the impact of abuse on self-esteem
  • Exploring techniques for rebuilding self-worth and confidence
  • Setting healthy boundaries in relationships
  • Practicing assertiveness and effective communication skills

Session 4: Healing from Trauma

  • Understanding the psychological effects of trauma
  • Exploring coping mechanisms and self-care practices
  • Introducing mindfulness and relaxation techniques
  • Discussing the role of therapy and professional support in the healing process

Session 5: Financial Empowerment

  • Understanding financial abuse and its impact
  • Exploring strategies for financial independence and empowerment
  • Budgeting and financial planning tips
  • Identifying career and educational opportunities

Session 6: Moving Forward and Building Resilience

  • Setting goals for the future
  • Creating a vision for a healthy and fulfilling life
  • Building resilience and coping skills
  • Celebrating progress and achievements
  • Creating a long-term support plan


I am your sacred witness, the wise old woman, the carer, the compassionate and kind one. Without judgment, we can talk out your pain, use techniques to quell fears, create understanding and start you back on a better road.

You will no longer be a victim; you will be empowered, and you will become the woman you want to be.

The Fee starts at £920 for the BASIC program + unlimited email/messenger contact…But we can talk about this…I will be by your side, you will have constant contact, and you are not alone.

Payment can be made by credit card if required or monthly payments of £155 for 6 months.

Contact me for a FREE no-obligation chat and we can find your new direction.

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We are clearly surrounded by, and part of, a sea of energy – one vast quantum field. Everything is connected to everything like an invisible web. Einstein himself said that “The field is the sole governing agency of the particle.” and “The field is the only reality.”

It’s good to know things…..

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