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I have recently been for a routine blood test and was diagnosed with rather high cholesterol; this after so many years of studying and working with nutrition and well-being!

This had led me to question why me? As I am sure it is with many other  people.

There is so much information in the internet, much from the USA  and much of it conflicting, that I will not repeat it here, but one major factor has transpired…that apart from everything else…it could be hereditary, meaning that it’s in my genes!

The practice nurse who did my tests asked about my parents and I explained that my father had heart problems as he aged and in fact died of a heart attack. I don’t remember about his parents but they all died well into old age, so I thought they must have been healthy!  It does seem that this little bit of knowledge about my father should have been acknowledged by me at some point and my life style amended accordingly.

Like my father, I smoked for many years but have been an ex smoker for over 16 years. As a family in the post war years, when I was young,  we were all a little in love with chocolate and butter and having an addictive personality (though I was unaware of this for many years) I think maybe I just overdid it.

I have had an interest in my weight, mostly keeping it level, since my mid twenties especially after having three children. Then over the last five years, since I was about 60 really, my girth has steadily increased. I started to use a size larger in clothes and choose styles that would camouflage my tummy. What I should have done, of course, was to take action then, and not leave it until my previously excellent health was in danger.

On reflection, both my parents were overweight when elderly, my sister  also struggles with similar issues and we are both very aware that to be healthy into old age we require less fat on the body then they had.

So what went wrong then? Procrastination, lack of awareness, being too comfortable, loving my food and not loving exercise…….I could go on!

Well that has all changed;  to be fair it was the photos taken on holiday in September 2011 that gave me the trigger to take stock and DO something. So I have already lost weight, but more to go, taken up a more enjoyable exercise, Zumba to be precise, as an addition to my keep fit class and yoga, also I am making more effort to modify my diet and eat better and actually eat less.  On the two days a week that I don’t have an exercise class,  I notice that I am more sluggish; just walking the dog, however lovely it is to get fresh air, is not enough to get the endorphins going!

In short I am doing everything I can to get back to fitness, I choose not to take drugs especially ‘statins’ which are routinely prescribed for high cholesterol, as I am very aware of the side effects and don’t want to be adding chemicals to my body.

Next time I have a blood test my cholesterol will be on it’s way back to normal. Will let you know if it’s not….It’s a change of direction for me, though not much of a change and I am fortunately self motivated…if you need motivation maybe you would like to accompany me on this bit of the journey?

Let’s get well together…contact me to talk about what we can do about it.

Happy days…..Diane