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You know what it’s like; you are really, really busy and the phone rings. It’s someone trying to sell you something you don’t want…ever..!! The temptation to be sharp if not downright rude to the poor person on the other end is inevitable.

Anger is a destructive emotion and a total waste of energy,  but we will all have days when we feel deep anger. This could be at injustice, to ourselves or others, or after a confrontation that leaves us feeling bullied or victimised.

You may be one of the most angry people in the world; angry in general, angry at life itself, but you can get over this and live a happy life. A happy life is everyone’s right and achievable, it is not just a dream.

Here is a very useful EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques) tapping routine that will help to dissipate your anger and it works very quickly.

  1. Take a deep breath; we forget to breath from the bottom of our lungs and take short high breaths when we are stressed in any way and anger as a stress response. So take three deep breaths from the bottom of the lungs before you start the tapping.
  2. Just by stopping to breath (as above)you will feel calmer. Now tap on the karate chop ( the fleshy part at the side of your hand…as in Karate Chop!) At the same time, say “Even thought I am really angry, I know I am safe and everything is OK”….say this three or four times as you tap,  until you can feel the anger subsiding.
  3. Now using the flat of your hand, tap on your collar-bone, in the middle of your upper chest. Tapping in the middle covers two sets of points. There is no need to say anything at this time but concentrate on the issue that has made you angry and try to let it go. Yes…LET IT GO
  4. Now the last bit; clasp your wrist with your hand (doesn’t matter which wrist) and say “Peace and I Forgive” say this as often as you feel necessary.
  5. Now take another deep breath.

Your anger will have gone but if not,  do the whole routine again until you are feeling calm.

Many people feel that forgiveness is really too difficult to contemplate, but I can tell you that without the ability to forgive, your anger will stay with you and eventually can make you ill. Anger is a negative and detrimental emotion and stored in your body….as in ‘I Feel Angry’ is destructive to the person holding on to it.

So get rid of the anger and use the energy to make a difference and change the circumstances in which the anger arose in the first place. Make friends with people you are angry with or come to terms with the situation, even though this may not be easy.  As with the situation in the first paragraph;  remember the person trying to sell you something is just doing his job and not winding you up on purpose…!

Oh dear…I feel a quick tap coming on…!!!

If you need help with anger or other destructive emotions, contact me and lets see what we can do together to find your happy life.

Diane Holliday – smile, happiness is catching!