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We all take it for granted that at some point in our life, something will come to a grinding halt. Whatever it was that we wanted to happen, had not!

How we deal with this can be very individual as we all learn coping mechanisms as we grow up. As a child our first thought is selfish, so we cry, shout or at worst throw a tantrum..!

As an adult, however these methods are denied us, except in extreme cases, so we mostly tend to sit on our impatience and hope that ‘stuff’ will eventually happen the way we expect it.

We would find that being like Buddha, and accepting all eventualities as they arrive a little difficult unless we have no pressures from external sources; I guess that is only monks and nuns then…..but even they have pressures, it’s knowing how to deal with it that takes thought.

Right now there is much unrest in the world and I am impatient to get it sorted; the fracking issue is making me angry, as I feel impotent under the power of multi nationals and their greed. Even the recent strike by social workers, teachers and other public service workers, seemed not to even make a dent in the way our lives are, or will be run even after a general election.

Once, I was happy to be led by the people I voted for in government; now I am impatient for the next voting time to have another go….but, as I am older and hopefully wiser, I understand that all politicians these days are in it for a career, money and status, certainly not for the good of their fellow citizens. Sweeping statement, so maybe not ALL, but many.

So as I am impatient for the world to become what I would love it to be, the best I can do is mediate on the theme of Universal Love and encourage my readers, friends, clients and family to do the same.

Zen meditation and the art of allowing, knowing that what is happening around us now is exactly is as it should be….I find this is not easy to comprehend or accept, but I will try again, and again………..

Diane Holliday – smile happiness is catching