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When you have constant and unremitting pain, you will no doubt take tablets or something to stop it!  We really don’t like pain and as soon as we can get it to go, the better.

So what happens to people who are in pain all the time and pain relief tablets not longer have any effect. Or the pain relief products produce side effects that are almost as bad as the pain?

Well  you could try EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques), this is gentle tapping on meridian points, the same as used in Acupuncture and Shiatsu.  This technique is just as effective with physical  issues as it is with emotions, so first you may like to think about why you have this pain.

If you have been involved in an accident and your pain is a result of this you can still tap successfully but in the majority of cases there may be underlying reasons that are creating the pain.

One way to find the cause of your pain or illness is called Metaphysics and there are two books to which I refer for my clients.  Louise Hay – You Can Heal Your Life and Lisa Bourbeau – Your Body is Telling You to Love Yourself

For instance, say you have pain in your knee(s) this could be connected to your inability to move on and be more flexible in your life.  So let’s do a tapping routine that will demonstrate how to do it.  Before we start, you may be aware that your body renews every cell in seven-year cycles…so every seven years you are a new you!

My right knee has been giving me problems, on and off for several years and I had put this down to an injury playing netball when I was 14.  Since then my body has had over seven sets of seven years to repair this damage, so what is that I can’t let go?

Karate Chop; Even though I have this pain in my knee, I love and accept myself completely (or I am know I am OK)

Say this, or your version three times. Then going round the points (they can be found and downloaded here) ….I have pain in my knee…I accept this pain…What is this pain telling me (have a little think about this)….Today I choose….(you are the only person able to choose your life and it is your intention that you let this pain go).. to free myself of this pain…I let go of this pain….I choose to be more flexible….I know I can move forward with ease….

Do this several times and end with a light tapping around the crown of your head and affirm…I have no pain…!

If you find that this is not as easy as it seems, get in touch and together we can search for the causes of  your pain and use EFT to eliminate it.

Happy tapping….Diane Holliday